Friday, October 2, 2009

Romance is not just a story, It's a Lifestyle!

Eydie Starling is an amazing writer. When she asked if she could guest blog here, I went to her blog to meet her. What I found blew me away. Her blog is full of wonderful stories she's written stemming from life experiences. I'm thrilled to have met her and to have her guest blogging today. And guess what, she'll be back Monday, October 5.

Take it away, Eydie.

Here is an excerpt from Basque in the Splendor, my most recent novette. It is part of the Castillo Brothers Trilogy. The story takes place in the Basque country of Spain. (It is a bit R-rated for those who might be uncomfortable with such things.) Yet, if it did indeed pique your interest, please visit for the complete story. Enjoy!



A Summer Evening in the Basque Country

Estevan was prompt and Lewella was ready. The Jaguar roared out of the villa’s driveway onto the short distance of two-lane highway. He turned into the long lane that led to his cottage. The vineyards finally subsided to the left, trailing off into infinity as the car entered a wooded area. The air was suddenly sultry, charged with an unmistakable electricity. On the right, a small cottage of dark wood came into view. Estevan eased the Jag to a stop. The thought of entering Estevan’s home sent Lewella’s mind contemplating sweet pleasures. Finally, she looked up to see that he had opened the car door and was holding out his hand.


Estevan looked charmingly wicked at that moment.

He opened the door, took off his shoes and left them inside, next to the front door. Lewella assumed this must be the custom for his home and did the same. The inside of the cottage was an open space, yet intimate with a wonderful sense of design. The furnishings were large, masculine, comfortable looking pieces made of wood and leather. The late afternoon sun came through the large front windows and reflected off the amber wood of the floor, making the interior glow with warmth. The cottage had been closed up all morning and was hot inside from the day’s heat. Despite this, it smelled clean and crisp, with faint traces of Estevan’s cologne. As he unbuttoned his white linen shirt, he reached for wine glasses.

“Red or white?”

But Lewella did not answer right away. She couldn’t take her eyes off the sliver of bare chest that she could see between the edges of his open shirt. He was just as beautiful as she had imagined. His golden skin rippled over a hard muscular stomach. There was just enough curly black hair in the center of his chest to make her want to run her fingers through it. He wore his jeans low and her eyes followed down as far as she could go. He caught her and smiling now, repeated his question.

“Red or white?”

“Red will be great.”

“Good choice. Red gives power to the blood.”

He poured and handed her a beautiful burgundy colored, crystal sphere. She slowly let herself enjoy the aromas and flavors of the wine. It calmed her and she knew all would be well with that first sip.

He led her out onto his deck and they sat down. He started to explain some of the history of the Basque region, but stopped abruptly.

“You’re not really listening are you Lewella?”

There, he said her name again. Oh the way he said it…she looked at him directly.
“Yes, er no, I was, no it’s just…”

She decided the truth would be best, just to get it out in the open.

“Look Estevan, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve ever seen such deeply expressive eyes as yours before. I’m finding it hard to concentrate.”

She was instantly embarrassed. God that sounded stupid! Estevan didn’t seem to think so and smiled warmly.

“Why Lewella, are you - as they say in England - ‘Chatting me up?’”

She was trapped and afraid now. What if things didn’t go well with this man? She still had to work with him. Be more professional, she chided herself, but the time for professionalism was long gone, she realized. No, be brave and bold she thought. You only go around once. She took a deep breath.

“Why yes, I believe I am.”

He leaned over and kissed her deeply on the mouth. Then he stood up and taking her hand, led her to his bedroom. They lay back onto the crisp white sheets. The comforter had already been turned down, Lewella noted. She tried to wonder if this meant he had preconceived notions, but was too distracted by what his hands were doing to her body now to care. Kissing her mouth, working his way down her neck, he took his time with her ears, tracing their tight curves with his tongue. He unzipped her little black dress with ease, revealing her lacy black bra and panties. Soon they were gone as Estevan took off his jeans and Lewella tore off his shirt. The feeling of skin to skin was simply too delicious. As his hands cupped her breasts, he kissed them until her little points rose up hard to meet his artful tongue. Now his hands roamed everywhere, making her sigh with each new pleasure. Estevan was an artful lover and Lewella responded. Running her hands lightly down the crevice of his thigh to groin and roaming through the brush of dark hair, she teased him with the anticipation of her touch. She heard him moan with delight. Tracing down her belly with his tongue, he made his way to the place she was aching to be kissed. Pleasure kept building until she couldn’t hold it back any longer. He entered her at the peak of her release, increasing its intensity. He touched parts of her she’d never felt before. On and on the hot friction of their bodies melting into one, moving as one until finally, he exploded inside her. They lay back in each other’s arms, amazed at the power between them.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, Eydie. Ladies and gents, you can check out more fabulous work at


Bekki Lynn said...

Welcome, Eydie!

Your excerpt is so sensually erotic and engaging - I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait to read more of the story.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Welcome, Eydie!

A wonderfully charged excerpt - very sensual, very atmospheric. I felt to be with them.


Savanna Kougar said...

Eydie, welcome... beautiful sensual scene.
And wouldn't I love to visit Basque!