Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Hooligans Recap

I have posted in three different blogs the answers to three different questions about how the Halloween Hooligans feel about different Halloween things. Since its almost here I am going to recap all the answers for you. So here are the Halloween Hooligan's answers to the three questions i posed to the group.

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Courtney Breazile: Reincarnated Death Wish-To experience passion is to choose death. Out Now!

Favorite Pumpkin seed recipe: Roasted with cinnamon and nutmeg- Yumm!

Favorite Halloween Movie: Hocus Pocus, its great because its one my whole family can watch together.

Scariest thing in a Haunted House: Clowns, I hate clowns.

Angela Caperton: Green Flash-During the Halloween Bacchanal Fantasy Fest will Claire embrace her own desires and learn the true nature of the green flash. Available Oct. 31

Favorite Pumpkin seed recipe: I love pumpkin seeds but i am not very creative with using them. I just like eating them right out of the shell. I do make a pumpkin spice pudding that is pretty awesome! And I like pumpkin pie, yumm!

What is your favorite Halloween Movie: Ooh! I have LOTS, but probably the movie I tend to watch at Halloween is called "I Walked with a Zombie." Its an old black and white horror film produced by Val Lewton. My partner Drake wrote a review of it for a series of blog entries we did last year covering our favorite horror films over the century. You can read the review (and my review of another great horror film, "The Picture of Dorian Grey") at http://blog/

Scariest thing in a Haunted House: Hmm...Freaked out clowns. I can handle the chainsaw killers, the ghouls, and zombies, but scary I am not a fan of regular clowns, so scary ones I'll pass!

C.R. Moss: In the Spirit- Can love heal death's soul? Out Now!

Favorite Pumpkin seed recipe: We normally just roast the seeds and sprinkle salt on them.

Favorite Halloween Movie: I am into the late 70's early 80's horror films...the original Halloween, the Omen...movies like that, but can't say that i have a favorite because there are too many I enjoy.

Scariest thing in a Haunted House: Eerie music, the buildup of suspense...nothing happens, nothing happens, nothing happens, then BOO!

Jambrea Jones: Unseen Path- The road not traveled reveals a destiny unfulfilled. Available Oct. 31

Favorite Pumpkin seed recipe: Hmmm...I'm not much for seeds or pumpkin.

Favorite Halloween Movie: Wow...this is hard, I'll have to say the Nightmare of Elm Street movies.

Scariest thing in a Haunted House: Things jumping out at me. You know that scene from Psycho in the shower? I have a fear of someone ripping open the shower curtain on me. My husband will do that to me and even though I KNOW he is in the room, I jump and my heart stops for a second. LOL

Laura Tolomei: Bloody Passion- The druid, the hunter, the apprentice: sex, power, transformation. What else? Available Oct 31

Favorite Pumpkin seed recipe: Toasted pumpkin seeds, salted on the outside, they're a great snack. Called "bruscolilni" in Italian, they can even substitute popcorn when watching a movie.

Favorite Halloween Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas

Scariest thing in a Haunted House: Seeing my husband naked!


Savanna Kougar said...

Clowns... I find them terribly frightening at times. I don't even want to be around a person I know who dressed up as a clown for Halloween.

Good luck with your contest.

Lindsay Townsend said...

I agree about clowns.

Great post!

Bekki Lynn said...

What a fun blog, Courtney!

I love clowns. I've never understood the fear of them.

The hobo, Emmett Kelly and Emmett Kelly Jr are my absolute favorite.

I even did my third son's room in clowns when he was born.

Serena Shay said...

You know, clowns never bothered me until I saw Stephen King's, It. Now, no thanks! :)