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A DISTINCT FLAIR FOR WORDS, Book 3 of Love and the Library, Is Here!

A Distinct Flair for Words, the latest in my Regency Love and the Library series, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.
Love and the Library - A celebration of the beginnings of love wherein four young Regency gentlemen meet their matches over a copy of “Pride and Prejudice” at the library. 

Book 3: Felicity and Frank

Every woman should have her own Mr. Darcy--unless she prefers Mr. Bingley.

Something strange goes on in that library.

Not one, but two of Mr. Frank Wynne’s friends found the ladies of their dreams at the library over a copy of “Pride and Prejudice”. Magic? Divine providence? Hardly. Coincidence or luck? Perhaps. And to prove or disprove the possibilities, he’ll go to the library and read “Pride and Prejudice”. Day after day after day. To his surprise, the book is funny, and he does like that Bingley chap. His lady doesn’t appear, though. Of course not. But still…

Miss Felicity White adores “Pride and Prejudice”. But while most ladies swoon over Mr. Darcy, Mr. Bingley is the man after her own heart. Happy, good-natured, cheerful, outgoing Mr. Bingley. She loves him so much, she even rewrote “Pride and Prejudice” from his perspective. Now, if she can only find a gentleman like him…

When Felicity and Frank run into each other, the enchantment of “Pride and Prejudice” and the library just might strike again.

A sweet, traditional Regency romance, but not a retelling of “Pride and Prejudice.” 45,000 words.

I write in the style of my favorite author, Barbara Metzger. If you like her Regency comedies, you may enjoy mine.


“I have the most wonderful news!” Felicity maneuvered herself and Frank to the only two seats together. Unfortunately, they were in the middle of the semicircle, with ladies on both sides
Frank sat on the edge of his seat. The chairs’ arrangement was unnervingly like a gigantic feminine claw, ready to snap shut on a tasty treat.
He stilled. Mayhap if he didn’t move, they would forget he was there. And pigs will fly.
Miss Barrett clapped and the murmuring ladies quieted. “Felicity, please tell us your news.”
Felicity popped up. “You know I have written Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Bingley’s viewpoint.” She gave a little bounce. “Mr. Blackmore of Blackmore Publishing has requested the manuscript!”
Feminine squeals reverberated around the room. Miss Barrett rose to shake Felicity’s hand. “Well done. Mayhap you will pave the way to the future, when others will want to read about the further adventures of the Pride and Prejudice characters.”
Miss Liddell, one of the ladies who had squinted when he entered, squinted anew. “I doubt anyone will want to read about Mr. Wickham’s experiences. Or Lydia’s.”
“Never say never.” Miss Nisbet, seated at Frank’s other side, sniffed. “Some people enjoy tales about villains. I daresay they like to see the blackguards receive their just deserts.” She leaned closer to Frank. “Have you read Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Wynne?”
Gazes on both sides of the pincer-like arrangement of chairs closed in on him. More perspiration broke out on his forehead. “Yes, I have.” Outnumbered. Perhaps he had better say as little as possible.
Miss Liddell squinted again. “You are unusual, sir. Most men do not read novels. Or at least, they claim not to.”
He flashed his most winning smile, the one that normally made the ladies melt. Almost-clergyman he might be, but that did not preclude him from appreciating the fairer sex. “I am not most men.”


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Linda Banche
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Friday, July 4, 2014

Lindsay Townsend: Forever his - slaves in my fiction

Roman woman and her slave
(Photo Giovanni dall'Orto, Peiraius
Museum (Wkimedia Commons).
Writing about the ancient and medieval worlds as I do I often encounter slavery as a fact of life. I explore this dynamic in some of my stories, in a careful way. Slavery was often utterly cruel and the harsh realities of life on the latifundia farms of Ancient Rome could be terrible.

For some slaves life could be a little easier, especially in personal, one to one relationships. So we have the tombstones of former slaves such as Regina (Queenie) at the ancient Roman fort near South Shields. Regina was a former slave, freed by her master who had married her. I explore that kind of hopeful dynamic in my novel Flavia's Secret and my shorter stories, Escape to Love and Silk and Steel.

I show the grimmer side of slavery in my epic adventure romances, Bronze Lightning and Blue Gold. In Bronze Lighting the heroine, Sarmatia, is captured and enslaved for a time by her enemy Carvin, the brutal king of the lands around Avebury. In Blue Gold, several characters are enslaved and must fight to regain their freedom.

Sometimes I explore aspects of submission and dominance in my stories. In my historical romances, I find this works well, fitting into the beliefs of the time. This is especially true in my medieval romances The Snow Bride, its sequel A Summer Bewitchment, and my forthcoming novella, The Virgin, the Knight and the Unicorn. Now with 10% off at Bookstrand until July 8th

I also have one light BDSM novel, Asking Too Much, set in a future where men or women can sell themselves into a consensual 'slavery' for a time.

The dynamics of acceptance and trust inspire me to explore such themes in my work. Bullying does not appeal at all to me but a situation where a man and woman come together in love, trust and respect where the heroine allows the hero to take care of her in masterful ways - that works for me.

You can see my slave and other fiction on my Amazon Author Page here and here

You can also see my slave and other fiction at SirenBookstrand at my Bookstrand Author Page here. This page also links to excerpts and reviews.

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Sweet Romances, Just 99 Cents, until Feb 28th

I have several sweet romances and sweet-to-sensual romances, several with money off until Feb 28th.

Prince Orlando has found Sleeping Beauty – but can his love break the enchantment of her sleep? 

A Christmas Sleeping Beauty - Historical Fantasy Romance - now on reduced Winter Special offer at:
Sweet Romance.
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What readers are saying:
"Lindsay Townsend used her own magic wand to create a vivid and colorful backdrop for this timeless love story!"

"You'll love this twist on the classic!"

"Townsend makes a nice twist on the familiar fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty."

My historical romance novel, 'Flavia's Secret,' just 99 cents 

(0.77p) from Bookstrand.

This novel is set in Roman Bath and has its climax during the Saturnalia, the ancient Roman version of Christmas. More details, including an excerpt here.

My historical romance novella, 'Mistress Angel,' just 99 cents (0.77p) from Amazon and Amazon Co UK

This novella is set in medieval London and is a kind of medieval Cinderella. More details, including the first chapter, here.

My collection of short stories, 'A Rose of Midsummer,' just 99 cents (0.77p) from many sellers, including Smashwords.

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Paula Rose Michelson: I'll Take Romance

Looking back, I see that if anyone was going to write romance novels in my family it would have been me because being raised by a mother who everyone thought would play the piano in a philharmonic orchestra, I was awakened, soothed, and encouraged, by wonderful music from the Grand Canyon Suite to opera, and everything in between, to my favorites which were musicals like Kismet, Camelot, and all the others to numerous to mention here. We had sixteen feet of 78’s and from them and my mother, I learned about music while I ate, did my chores, homework or housework because music was like breathing for all of us. I speak about music here because many have mentioned the lyricisms within my books.

Yet even while the cadence of music was impacting what I would someday write, the idea of writing anything to this dyslectic artist whom listeners lauded as ‘a teller of tails divine’ was not what I aspired too. For having learned nothing in school during my formative years except to try to look to busy to be called upon by my teacher, and to be sure to have a whopper to tell dad when he asked, “What’s the good word?” so he would not feel that there was something terribly wrong with silent me, being a writer of anything was something I never thought I’d be.

Here I’ll share with you that when, or perhaps I should say if, God orchestrates your life as he did mine, you’ll find that the very thing you could not do, is the one that defines you! So yes, as that song written in 1938 by Ben Oakland in collaboration with Oscar Hammerstein II, called “I'll Take Romance” says,

“I'll take romance
While my heart is young and eager to fly
I'll give my heart a try…

“I’ll take romantic writing,” is a truth I admit. Please do not confuse with romantic writing with romance because romance is a fine thing to wish for, and I believe each of us years for that relationship or experience that will define and affirm us. But romantic writing is very much like applying layers of paint onto a canvas and then waiting for the work to become real because romance in the abstract is cold, distant. Rather than igniting or soothing the reader it can cause them to yearn for something fine, it can also do the opposite and make them pine away rather than seek after.

Therefore, I believe as with everything one undertakes, the writer needs to know why they write, and for whom. Then they must ask themselves why the reader they write for would choose their work. The answer to that last question will tell the writer if they are to write romantic stories. I know this because I have lived it. Other writers can answer these questions easily and many others too. However, the romantic writer true to their innate desire to go boldly into the story that isn’t altogether formed is the ultimate romantic.

Add to this the desire to do something for the Lord and you’ll understand why I changed course when one of the three women I was going to write about…and being honest with you, she was the least important character of the three, started to tell me her story. I remember it now as if I had just heard fifteen year old Naomi ask her mamá in Spain if she could tell me her story. And I can still hear PaTisha ask her if I could be trusted with their secrets.

Of the six books that comprise Naomi’s faith journey, three have been published. All have received accolades, which some reviewers have laid at my feet. Yet I know that these sweet Christian romances with a Messianic twist and a hint of history were written because God appointed me a scribe for him, and knowing the blessing of following the Messiah, whom I love, I serve him with this work and keep faith with what Naomi continues to tell me for she is truly a romantic in spite of all she has gone through.

Beginning Anew

Naomi and Chaz know that miracles really do happen, for at a friend’s wedding they reaffirmed their love and are Beginning Anew! Yet there are consequences that the couple must face. Will Chaz love and protect his wife? Will Naomi learn to trust Chaz? Find out in the first novel of Paula Rose Michelson’s four-book saga, The Naomi Chronicles.

Previously, in Book 2 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing, Naomi’s journey from pain to faith where she dealt with her husband’s rejection of her, and Chaz discovered that secrets were kept from him, and began his own journey of discovery that enthralled readers. While their friends planned to use Nicco and Lucinda’s wedding to bring Chaz and Naomi together again, God had His hand on this star-crossed couple. 

Before that, Book 1 of Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing let readers experience Naomi’s journey from adolescence to womanhood, from frightened isolation to heiress with a mission, and responsibility many would shirk placed upon her shoulders, and kept them guessing especially when they realized that Naomi guarded two secrets. When Naomi married and fell in love with Chaz, she decided to tell him about herself. Before she could, Lola, a teenager she rescued from immigration, revealed her secrets. Hearing Chaz’s hate-filled words, and seeing many in Spanish Harlem turn away from her, Naomi fled.

Paula Rose Michelson is the wife of Lutheran Pastor, and Chosen People Ministries field Missionary, Ron Michelson. This Messianic author of faith books founded LAMB Ministries, which helps women recover from trauma and abuse through the effective use of Scripture and prayer. She asked God to give her a unique work, and while praying about the lost tribes of Israel, she believed the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) called her to write about the hidden Jews. She wrote the Casa de Naomi: The House of Blessing and The Naomi Chronicles Books because of her heart response to that commission.

Beginning Anew; The Naomi Chronicles, Book One is now available at:


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Unique Jewelry Romances The Soul

If you love jewelry, and choosy about what you wear, you know what I mean. It never ceases to amaze me how talented some of my friends are and how their romantic side is expressed in their work.

I met Nichole when we were stationed in Georgia and we’ve remained friends and in touch ever since we returned to Illinois and she, along with her family, to California. They’ve had some pretty rough times as many of us do. They were able to buy some land when things were going well, but fell on hard times and had to move a trailer onto it, doing all the clearing themselves. Financially, it’s been rough, but they’ve kept up their spirits and those of their two gorgeous daughters.

On this land, they found they have diamonds. Not just any diamonds, but the Lake County Diamond which you cannot get anywhere else in the world. It’s a clear diamond they absolutely love crafting with.

Nichole has made jewelry, sun catchers, and wrapped stones using silver, brass, copper, and colored wire. She’s allowed me the honor to present some of her work here today and offer them at a special price. 

Wrapped stones and hearts are $12, includes shipping.

This sun catcher is made of a heart shaped obsidan, lacey leaf agate and a Lake County Diamond moon with brass, copper, and silver wire. It's nearly hand size. Hang this in a window and let the sun shine through the moon. $40, includes shipping.

If you're interested in purchasing any of the items pop me a message at In the subject line put Nichole's Jewelry so I catch it right away.

Thanks for taking a look at Nichole's Jewelry.

Bekki Lynn 

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Bride for a Champion: new medieval romance at 10% off

I Command you to marry the bearer of this letter.

Lady Alice Martinswood has no choice but to obey her dead father’s final instruction. His choice is his champion, the mercenary Simon Paton. To Alice, the handsome, arrogant Simon is a dangerous, seductive stranger.

Bewitched in turn by Alice, Simon is appalled when he discovers that Alice’s father disowned Henrietta, her younger sister, when Henrietta fell in love and eloped. Simon promises Alice that he will help her find her sister.

Still having nightmares after witnessing the sack of Constantinople, Simon misunderstands Alice’s tears of joy on their wedding night. Swearing not to hurt her again, he decides he must not touch her—a promise he finds impossible to keep, especially when Alice vows to beguile him…

Meanwhile Simon and Alice trace Henrietta to medieval London, wandering together through the perilous, exciting streets. Will they find Henrietta? Will they find true love with each other?

Available on January 14, 2014 at $2.99

Pre-order now at 10% discount from Bookstrand Publishing (pre-order price $2.69)

Lindsay Townsend

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A GIFT FROM THE STARS, My Latest Regency Comedy--with SciFi Yet!

My latest Regency romance, A Gift from the Stars, is now available.

A Gift from the Stars , Book 1 of The Regency Star Travelers, is a sweet, traditional Regency romance with science fiction elements, 71,000 words.

The Regency Star Travelers--Where the Regency and outer space meet with romance.


A gift from the stars can change your life.

Miss Elizabeth Ashby loves astronomy. She especially enjoys her once-in-a-lifetime chance to observe the Great Comet of 1811. However, her excitement vanishes the night an odd-looking meteor proves to be a sky craft which lands nearby. The man who emerges from the vehicle doesn’t see her, but as he reenters his craft to fly away, he drops a small red stone.

The stone from the stars glows and sends waves of warmth and something else through Elizabeth. Her incipient cold disappears, her illness-prone mother shakes off her maladies, and everyone else who comes near the stone, which Elizabeth wears as a pendant, feels in the pink of health.

Including Mr. Jonathan Markham, who also saw the strange meteor but was too far away to determine what the object was. Gored by a bull, Jon has been slow to mend until he meets the enchanting Elizabeth. Does his sudden speedy recovery emanate from his fascination with the desirable lady? Or something else?

A sweet, traditional Regency romance novel with science fiction elements. 71,000 words. A clean read.


Lower and lower the shooting star descended, much too slowly to Elizabeth’s way of thinking. From the angle and rate of its motion, the object would likely strike the earth close by. If she could distinguish some landmarks by its glow, perhaps she could find the stone.

She craned her neck back as the meteor soared across the firmament. The unearthly rock blazed with the colors of the rainbow from friction with the air. 

Coldness pricked her spine. A meteor that enormous should race through the heavens, shrieking in outrage as its surface pounded through the atmosphere. This one was silent. And the stone—or was it a stone?—sloped down in a leisurely, graceful curve, as gently as a feather floating in a light breeze.

With eerie stillness, the object continued its glide across the ebony sky, looming ever immense as its bulk neared the ground.

She could even make out features. In her experience, meteors were dark, pitted lumps of rock or metal. This one was white, its pointed nose flaring out behind to form a stretched-out triangle, almost like a bird with unfurled wings.

And its size! Her heart in her throat, she jumped up. The thing was larger than a mail coach. And it would fall onto Sentinel Moor beside her house!

Continually slowing, the peculiar entity descended. The object slipped below the level of the high Sentinel Oak across the field, and then behind the top of the six-foot hawthorn hedge separating her garden from the meadow.

Elizabeth took a step to run around the tall shrub. Blinding whiteness exploded on the moor. She threw up her hands to shield her eyes and then tumbled to the ground.

Available at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes and Noble , Smashwords, Sony, Kobo, and Apple. Note, all formats are available on Smashwords.

Thank you all,
Linda Banche
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