Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flash of Vampire Romance

Just for a bit pre-Halloween fun, I thought I’d share my Vampire Serial Flash. Yes, and here’s a sneak photo of Zhario, my hero.
Okay... you got me, it’s not. Still I can dream that Zhario of the Dark Server Unit, will someday, star the incomparable and sexy Adrian Paul.
It was a blast to write on the darker side, and hopefully, I’ll find the time to add more to the story.

In the meantime ~

Zhario of the Dark Server Unit

Zhario sniffed for the acrid bloom of scent that would rapidly lead him to the mutant he hunted. Hunted to extinction. He laughed inside at his own dark humor. He could hear the swine mutant’s heavy tread in a city alleyway, as he searched for prey, preferably a hapless human. But any stray would do. Covered by the night, Zhario swiftly unfurled his great black wings, and launched from the low rooftop. The odor of the mutant had peaked, meaning he’d sighted a victim. Diving, Zhario caught a yellowish flash of the mutant’s tusk. “Cupid, come back here. Cupid, please!”

The woman’s shrill desperate voice would have cut to his heart, if he’d had one. Zhario swooped faster along the alleyway. This wouldn’t be an easy kill now. The mutant loped toward the woman, instead of feeding on her pet. Close enough to the ugly brown brute, Zhario’s fangs snapped out. The woman stood in a pool of neon light, paralyzed by fear, holding her dog tight against her bosom. Focusing on the mutant, he arrowed his flight. Landing on the brute’s back, he sank his clawed fingers into the mutant’s thick greasy hide. Rearing back, he unhinged his mouth.

The woman’s scream bounced through alleyway, eerily echoing. Zhario bit, feeling his dagger-like fangs slide deep into the flesh that served as the mutant’s neck. Greenish blood spurted from a severed vein. Infuriated by what the mutant considered a petty attack that interrupted his dinner, he bucked like a fiend, repeatedly slamming his body against the concrete walls on either side of them, and sending a dumpster flying. Zhario hung on, withdrew his fangs, then sliced them over and over into the mutant’s boar-like strength, shredding his shoulder muscles. The woman shrieked hysterically, as if she could stop their battle.

Stabbing his fangs beneath the mutant’s pig ear, Zhario found his artery, and ripped through it. Squealing horribly, the brute grabbed his neck with his pork-steak hand, trying to stop his blood from spurting like a fire hose. Unerringly, Zhario slipped forth his enchanted knife, and dealt the death blow. The mutant disappeared beneath him. At the same time, the woman and her dog were suspended in the sorcery vortex. He had to decide what to do with her. A full mind wipe was impossible. She’d witnessed too much, and the horror was embedded in her psyche. He felt it.

Zhario stopped dead in his tracks. Funny, he thought, since he was dead to the human world. Her resemblance to his first love was uncannily similar. His loins lurched. Hellblade, his whole body lurched toward her, and wanted. Savagely wanted and tenderly wanted. His mind wanted to believe it was her, even though rational thought told him different. It was the woman’s face that reached in, grabbing his soul, and gripping his aching hungry balls. Stone-rot, he couldn’t leave her here to endure a lifetime of nightmares. She’d probably end up in a mental institution, drugged into a constant fog.

Stepping forward in a move he knew he would come to fiercely regret, especially since it was against the Dark Server code, Zhario wrapped her inside his wings. She awakened as he levitated them upwards. To halt the scream surging up her throat, he kissed her, hard at first, then more forcefully as her lips responded. He wondered if it was just her instinctive reaction to his kiss, or if she truly felt a sudden passion claim her, as he wanted to claim her. Barely, he heard her dog ferociously growl at him. Hellblood, Victoria waited for him. Now what?

Despite the attack of her dog, their lips didn’t unlock. Instead, their kiss deepened into a soft rage of passion. Maybe he’d toss the dog at Victoria, now that it had bitten him and would be turned. Victoria loathed dogs, especially vampire dogs. Zhario wrapped his legs tightly around the woman. Unfurling his wings, he soared them toward the rooftop of his warehouse home. To his astonishment their mouths remained fused in a blaze of lust that would have sent him up a bonfire, if real. Was she so terrified this was her primal reaction? Kiss him into carnal surrender?

Zhario silently landed them beside his rooftop entry. With her dog in a stupor of adjustment, he concentrated on her, tenderly parting their lips. “Home,” he uttered as he folded his wings inside his back cavity. “Home?” She blinked and he observed the haze of passion filling her aquamarine eyes. He considered turning her, but that would deplete his strength. If Victoria attacked, he could lose. Besides, he didn’t want to turn her this way. “What’s your name?” He hoped like Hell’s Own she would tell him. “I dreamed about you,” she whispered. “I’m Karra. Are you really a vampire?”

“Yes, Karra. But don’t be afraid. I don’t want to harm you.” He watched the reality of her situation surface in her eyes. “Oh.” Her breathing quickened. “You saved me, didn’t you? From that beast thing?” Hell help him, she was adorable beyond any words, even more so than his lost love. “I belong to the Dark Server Unit. We eliminate beasts like that.” Cradling her dog in one arm, she draped herself against him. “Thank you. Good lord, you can kiss. My lips are still tingling. Can you do it again?” For instants, Zhario couldn’t recover his voice. “Yes...”

“Zhario, darling, I see you brought dinner home.” Victoria stood in the entryway, a sly smile altering her perfect features. Fiercely eyeing the vampiress, Zhario demanded, “You will leave my home immediately. I have discovered my High Mate.” Victoria didn’t bat an eyelash. “Prove it. If she doesn’t possess the mark...” Zhario interrupted, “I will prove nothing to you. Leave, at my word.” Karra shifted in his embrace. “Do you mean this mark?” Swivelling her head, she moved her blouse collar aside revealing the black wings of his House. Victoria shrieked, vanishing after an ugly snarl. Zhario kissed his Karra.

Have a Wonderful and Wild Autumn...
May your most romantic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Powerful, juicy, lusty flashes, Savanna! Red and pulsing!!

Serena Shay said...

Oh yeah, the sexy Zhario you write about should definitely be played by the dreamy Adrian Paul! If he needs an assistant or to practice his kissing, er lines well... ~raising both hands in the air, quite enthusiastically!!~

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, luv ya! Thanks!

Savanna Kougar said...

I dunno, Serena, I may have to pull rank as the lowly writer... and find out how Mr. Paul is in the kissing department.

Serena Shay said...

LOL...yep, I'd pull rank too! This is Adrian Paul. ;)

Love the flash, Savanna. Perhaps Zhario will make another apperence some time?

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I hear Mr. Paul is a big hug giver... wouldn't that be a sweet trip?
Zhario would adore making more appearances... it's just his writer that runs out of time and energy.

Serena Shay said...

Oh my, a sweet trip indeed!! I'd never let go! LOLOLOL

Zhario's writer is wonderful!! I hear ya though on the time and energy many stories, so little time. I'll just have to keep my peeper wide open for more posts. ((hugs))

Bekki Lynn said...

oh, baby -- now that's that way to put a smile on my face.

Oh, yes, please find time to add to write more. I love it!

Kaye Manro said...

These are sexy powerful flashes! And I also love A.P. as a hero as well. Can't get enough of him in the Highlander series.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, yeah, that was my plan... something good for us gals.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kaye, thanks. I'm with you on the Highlander series.