Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Favorite Halloween Movies?

My fellow Xrated Halloween authors and myself are sharing bits and pieces of ourselves on various blogs in honor of our spicy Halloween releases at Extasy Books. To see a video on all our releases go to

On a previous blog I posted what we do with out pumpkin seeds, and on this blog I will be letting you all know about our Favorite Halloween Movies. Check out all our websites for more information on our Halloween themed blogs and our releases as well as chats where you can win some great prizes.

So here are our answers:

Courtney Breazile: Reincarnated Death Wish To Experience Passion is to Choose Death (out Oct. 15)

I love Hocus Pocus. And it's really great because my kids can watch it and enjoy it with me.

C.R. Moss: In the Spirit Can Love Heal Death's Soul? (out Oct. 15)

I’m into the late 70’s early 80’s horror films…the original Halloween, The Omen…movies like that, but can’t say that I have a favorite because there are too many I enjoy.

Jambrea Jones: Unseen Path The Road Not Traveled Reveals a Destiny Unfulfilled (out Oct. 31)

Wow...this is hard, I'll have to say the Nightmare on Elm street movies.

Laura Tolomei: Bloody Passions The Druid, The Hunter, The Apprentice: Sex, Power, Transformation. What Else? (out Oct. 31)

Nightmare Before Christmas.

Angela Caperton: Green Flash During the Halloween Bacchanal Fantasy Fest will Claire Embrace her own Desires and Learn the True Nature of the Green Flash? (out Oct. 31)

Ooh! I have LOTS, but probably the movie I tend to watch at Halloween is called "I Walked With a Zombie". It's an old black and white horror film produced by Val Lewton. My partner Drake wrote a review of it for a series of blog entries we did last year covering our favorite horror films over the century. You can read the review (and my review of another great horror film, "The Picture of Dorian Gray") at


Savanna Kougar said...

Hmmm... obviously, I'm deficient in the Halloween movie department. Though, all of your selections look deliciously wicked for this time of year.
Naw, the scary stuff never does it for me, except for that good ole American standby, The Wizard of Oz ~ which was really written as a commentary on the financial system. Gee, I think the Wicked Witch has recovered. Someone drench her with water again.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Fascinating choices!!

I like the old Brit Hammer Horror movies - with Christopher Lee as dracula and so on.

Bekki Lynn said...

Oh, I've not seen My Bloody Valentine, but been told not to eat prior to.

I love most horror movies, even the old B movies - well, especially the old B movies. lol

Even my boys prefer the old movies where they're dark and mysterious rather than blue-lighted and computerized.

We do like Halloween -- Zombies and I'm nuts about vampires.

This is my second favorite holiday.