Thursday, September 10, 2009

Katie Reus: if it's TBB, it must have an HEA...

First I want to say thanks to Jane and all the other lovely authors at Happily Ever After for having me! I was wracking my brain thinking what to chat about. Should it be heroes, heroines that are TSTL, HEA’s, what’s in my TBR pile, then I thought…wow, I not only write in acronyms, I think and speak in them too. The other day I was talking to a non-writer friend about how the heck was I going to get my hero/heroine their HEA and she immediately asked “what the heck is HEA?” That’s when I realized I might have a problem. After I explained it to her she asked if there were more ‘romance acronyms’ out there and when I said yes, she wanted to know all of them. Now her favorite is TSTL (which is a fave of mine too). These are the romance acronyms I use on a semi-regular basis.

POV = point of view
HEA = happily ever after (which I must have in a romance!)
HFN = happy for now
TSTL = too stupid to live
HI = Harlequin Intrigue (my fave category line)
EC = Ellora’s Cave (my fave erotic romance publisher)
TBR = to be read
TBB = to be bought
KISA = knight in shining armor
NYT = New York Times
RS = romantic suspense
MS = manuscript
RT = Romantic Times
TT = time travel
WIP = work in progress
YA = young adult
ARC = advanced reading copy (I just got one in the mail!)

Okay, that’s just a starter list. I know I’ve missed more than a few, but I hope I added some new ones to your list. So, what are your favorite acronyms in romance? Whether you prefer HEA’s or HFN’s, thanks for stopping by today!

Katie Reus fell in love with romance at a young age through books she’d pilfered from her mom’s stash. Years later, she still loves reading romance almost as much as she loves writing it. When she’s not plotting or writing, she loves to travel with her husband. She writes romantic suspense, erotic romance and light paranormals. No matter the genre, Happily Ever After is always a must.

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Katie, for a fun list - and very useful, too!

I, like you, love a HEA and I also love writing about KISA - knight in shining armor!

Thanks again, Lindsay

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Hi Katie! Lovely to see you here. These are great! TSTL always makes me hoot with laughter. :)
I have two of my own when I'm writing, WHN and NBI. That's 'What Happens Next?' and #No Bloomin' Idea!'

Jane x

Katie Reus said...

Lindsay and Jane, thanks again for having me! Yeah, TSTL is just hilarious :) I like your other two Jane, I've never heard those before but I'll be adding them to my list!

Jeannie Lin said...

TSTL is definitely one of my faves as well!

Something I learned recently is that MFM is different than MMF. I suppose the combinations are infinite when you really want to get into it. *blushes*

Charlotte McClain said...

I always loved TSTL. Something about the arrangement of the letters and what they mean cracks me up. I'm so easy to amuse.

Right now I'm in the middle of WHN and I have to go have lunch with a PITK (person in the know) to get me out of it.

Katie Reus said...

Jeannie - I just found that one out too! I bought something and thought it was one thing. Uh, not so much, lol. I was in for a surprise :)

Charlotte - I like that one!

T.L. Kenworth said...

I love your acronoyms, sorry don't have any to add. I always picture all of my heros as KISAs even if there not wearing armor.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Katie, welcome!
Luv your list!
It certainly added to my acronym knowledge.
I don't have any to add. Maybe SSR for ShapeShifter Romance.

Shannon said...

Hands down my fav is TSTL. It just sums it up perfectly. They really are my most dreaded heroines.

Bekki Lynn said...

Great list, Katie!

It is amazing how our conversations become so full of acronyms. Most often we're not aware until someone asks what it stands for.

I get annoyed with my friends when they email or we're chatting on messenger and they use acronyms -- once upon a time it was accepted and the fastest way to talk for space sake in chat areas -- but now, talk to me normal, you're not texting me. lol So, I can imagine how annoyed they get when I use writer acronyms they don't know.

Thanks for blogging with us today.

MarthaE said...

Hi Kate - yes you had some that were new to me... esp TSTL!! Thanks for sharing! Here is one of my favs that you missed: HR= historical romance! Also I use OOT= out of town; BRB= be right back (or bathroom break); ITC= in the can.

Serena Shay said...

Hi Katie,
Great list! ~blushing~ I'd never heard of TSTL! LOL, I love it though. I use CP a lot when I talk to people and I'm always asked what the heck? oops, Critique Partner.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

I remembered another one! PTQ - Page-Turning Quality!

Jane x

Katie Reus said...

Serena, I can't believe I forgot CP! I use that one a lot too :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Jane, that's a good one! PTQ ~ Page turning quality... lol