Friday, September 18, 2009


Praying for writing inspiration!
We live in such a busy world – which I think explains why I wake up tired!
My friend, author Elle Druskin who lives in Israel told me that over there they call it TATT – tired all the time – syndrome.

But you know, it’s a good tiredness. I’m doing what I love. Writing, playing mommy, being a wife – okay, so I should probably reorganize that list, but you know what I mean.

I was at a brainstorming session the other night with two other authors and we talked about the partial I’ve been asked to send to Silhouette in New York. All very exciting and one of my writing dreams.

But then as we talked about my query letter, reality hit. I mean what if they like it? What if they say want more? Offer a contract!

Scary stuff. It means I would have to do the whole writing a manuscript, editing etc, all over again. And again.

But that is the beauty of a writer’s life, we get to create new characters, settings and stories all the time. Something fresh and exciting two or three times a year, five if you’re masochistic!

At the moment I’m:
1. in deep edits for my book Hiring Cupid with Samhain
2. editing my partial for Silhouette.
3. thinking – which believe me is tough at times – of a new plot/characters for a book in 50 day challenge starting in – 12 days!
4. playing wife and mother, living thick in house renovations to boot.

But could I give up the writing? Could I walk away?
Not on your life.
A writer’s life is addictive, and it sure beats housework!
But it is a juggle and we have to be either content to live in chaos at times, or super organized. I choose organized, but I must admit that at times chaos actually chooses me.

Like I plot my novels, I plot my life. Write between 9-2, housework between 2.30 –3.30- yes you can see where my priorities are – family time – dinner – sneaking back to the computer for writing related issues. Sleep if I’m lucky, and then it starts all over again.

Last year, I sold four books and so with edits, line edits etc, it was hard to start anything new. The writer in me craved that chance to start all over again. Stories that come in the middle of the night when I quickly jot some notes so I don’t forget, wait a long time sometimes to be fleshed out into something grander than …Angel falls off her cloud.

This is what happened with my soon to be released Christmas story TO KISS AN ANGEL. I in fact dreamed this story 7 years ago while in hospital for an extended stay. Lying in bed – eating grapes – watching the clouds pass by, I wondered what would happen if an angel fell off her cloud to earth…and fell in love? Seven years Angel waited to be created… And now she has her own story – well hers and Clark’s

Here’s an excerpt
By Jane Beckenham

“Gather round, Angels. I have a job for you,” Angel Beatrice’s voice boomed across the heavens.
Reluctant to give up her prime position on the fluffy white cloud, Angel 459 nevertheless knew a command when she heard it. Shame. The day was sublime with clear blue skies rolling on forever. The perfect day for a snooze before harp practice she decided.
Stretching her arms skyward, her wings fluttered their own protest as she came alongside that cute Angel 007. She smiled at him, only to have Beatrice cough rather loudly.
“Right, there’s a job for one of you. A chance to get your very own cloud, so to speak, a chance to have another shot at earth,” Beatrice advised.
A collective ooh bounced across the bulbous cloud where the angels congregated.
Angel’s heart raced, excitement buzzing to the very tips of her fingers. Her wings flapped repeatedly.
“Settle down, Angel 459,” Beatrice countered. “The job isn’t yours, yet.”
A twitter of giggles and flapping wings circled Angel. Damn it. “Oops sorry Big Bopper,” she whispered. She had a habit of giving people nicknames, and knew for a fact that the Almighty kinda liked it, but that was their little secret. “Didn’t mean to say that.” At least not out loud, she added with a secret wink.
“Sure you did, Angel. You’re always speaking without thinking,” 007 piped in.
“Am not.”
“Angel 459, please step up.”
Beatrice directed her clear gaze towards Angel. “You are 459, otherwise known as Angelica?”
Angel nodded.
“Then step forward, girl, don’t dilly dally. You’ve a job to do.”
A job. A job. She’d got it. A chance at earth! But the big prize was a new cloud. Closer to the big guy. Angel couldn’t help a little skip for joy as her wings flapped and she glided towards Beatrice. The other angels fell back.
“Angel 459, your job, should you choose to accept it...”

So if you find yourself juggling, and your life in chaos, just remind yourself to put aside some time each day just for you, for your passion, for your dreams. Or simply just because you deserve it. And if you’re a writer, then jog that overcrowded brain of yours. You write because it’s an intrinsic part of you. Because this is YOUR dream.

Happy writing and reading everyone
Jane Beckenham


Antonia said...

I know exactly what you mean! Life is so busy but like you I wouldn't give up writing for anything.

To Kiss and Angel sounds interesting. I'm going to have to pick it up

Good luck and many sales to you.

Debra Kayn said...

Yep, busy here too. Sometimes it seems I complain too much about not finding time for this or that (usually dishes and laundry, lol) but I wouldn't change a thing. I love to write!

Savanna Kougar said...

Jane, wonderful bloggie. I can so relate and it's nice to know I'm not alone on the too tired thing, nor on the life of a writer.
Right now, I'm doing the line edits for Stallion and in the midst of writing Branded, while also having started Kandy Apple because of leg pain...yeah, no details on that.
What a fabulous title for your angel story... and a fun excerpt. I haven't been in hospital. However, I've dreamed some of my stories, certainly specific scenes.
Thanks, for sharing.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Great stuff, Jane! Just remember that even juggling is fun! I know what you mean. I too get to the end of the day, absolutely pooped, flop back on the sofa - and grin. Busy as what-do-you-call it, but wouldn't have it any other way, right? Right!
Good luck with all your ambitions!

Jane x

Lindsay Townsend said...

I'm full of admiration with how you juggle your life, Jane! Good luck with the edits and subs!

Super excerpt - and what a great idea! One of those 'I wish I'd thought of that' ones!

Lots of luck and happy writing!

Sylvie said...

Loved your angel! and your sense of humor :) wishing you many sales

Sylvie Kaye

jean hart stewart said...

Firat time I've read one of your excerpts and love it. As for juggling, it's constant isn't it? Jean

Jane Beckenham said...

Sorry i haven't checked the comments earlier, it's been our nighttime and it was so good to snooze!
Busy is good, i know when i give myself permission to stop writing, even for a week, i'm all excited, then after a day i wander around the hosue wondering what to do!
Such a sad puppy!

Jane Beckenham said...

Debra, i think writing keeps us sane!
What do you think?


Jane Beckenham said...

Readers often ask me (and i'm sure other writers) where we get our ideas from, and yes, I do get my stories in dream forms. I always just hope that i can remember them the next morning!
And i do still have some dreams that have yet to become books!

JaneB said...

Thanks for all the positive comments everyone.