Friday, February 11, 2011

Pledging My Love - A Special Pre-Valentine

Tonight my husband surprised me. And with Valentine's Day a few days away, I thought I'd share it.

We were sitting around with Jesse and Kara sharing videos. I had found some of people we once listened to, but haven't thought about in a while. So, after a while, my husband played a song by Conway Twitty, then went on to play the same song by three other people. I was still on Conway - I never knew he sang this song. Well, with this music being before the kid's time, they went to play video games with Jeff. Once they left the room, my husband told me he recalls Elvis singing this song in a movie and told me what he was wearing. He couldn't recall which movie. I did a quick search and found a video of the song. Only Elvis wasn't singing the song, nor was it a movie. It was television series where this guy played elvis and lip-sinked to Ronnie McDowell singing the song. That was what he remembered. Elvis did sing the song, but not until 1977 and only on an album, from what we could find out. So, then he looks at me and tells me that the first time he heard this song, he dedicated it to me.

On Youtube we found a video with Conway singing the song which makes it even more speical for me. Conway is my all time favorite country singer and I miss him terribly. And in this video I learned there is an album I don't have which contains this song. We thought I owned every thing he ever did. So, I pulled the lyrics up from my favorite lyrice site - House of Lyrics.


Forever my darling
My love will be true
Always and forever
I'll love only you.

Just promise me darling
May this fire in my soul, dear
Your love in return

Forever burn.
My heart's at your command, dear
To keep, love and to hold
Making you happy's is my desire dear

Keeping you is my goal.
For the rest of my days
I'll never part from you
I'll Forever love you
Or your loving ways.

--- Instrumental ---

Yeah, Making you happy's is my desire dear
To keep, love and to hold.)

(My heart's at your command, dear
Keeping you is my goal.
I'll Forever love you
For the rest of my days
I�ll never part from you

Or your loving ways.
Always and forever
--- Instrumental ---
I'll love only you...

(Words & music by Robey - Washington)

I'm so mushy and sentimental. And so very lucky to have a man who thinks so much of me.



Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki ~heart sighs~ that is Valentine special.

StephB said...

Awww...Bekki, what a special Valentine. Thanks so much for sharing, Sweetie. The heartwarming sentiments set the stage for Valentines Day.

I'm not much of one to listen to Country music, but this was touching.


Celia Yeary said...

Ahh, Bekki--I'm so glad I decided to check blog tonight and found this one with your post about the song. I remember it well, but thought only Elvis sang it. Your husband is so sweet. You'd better hang on to him--what a doll. Celia

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Ladies. I plan to hang on tight.