Monday, February 21, 2011

Writer's First Aid -- A Medicine Chest of Hope

I came across a new blog for me. Writer's First Aid Kristi Holl is an author of several books and I've found many of her posts to be fabulous. Especially the ones on:

The Dynamics of Change
Stage 1: Making Up Your Mind
Stage 2: Committing to Change
Stage 3: Taking Action
Stage 4: Maintaining Long-Term Success

Some things do happen for a reason. And often when you need it though you might not recognize it right away. I've been having a serious lack of concentration and daily distractions that have been more interesting then sitting here writing. For a writer that signals a problem. I've come up all sorts of reasons and so forth and most of them are true. However, there is a real human reason for it. I need to make changes and get back on track. So, I've taken the first step and that's to see how other's handle distractions and try to glean from their experience and wisdom.

This morning, I had intended to get up and write, nothing else. I'm distracted with wedding stuff. Gathering information and looking at dresses, places to have rehersal dinners. Saturday night, my second son officially proposed to his girlfriend - he'd already indicated to us a few months ago that he wanted to marry her this year. Last night, my third son informed me that he and his fiancee decided to get married this July instead of July next year to be sure her grandfather will be able to do their ceremony. His wife passed a few months ago and he's now having to sell their home due to being able to do the upkeep himself.

Too many distractions. So, I did a search for distractions for writers and First Aid was the first one that came up. I enjoyed reading these posts. I love how she lays out the process of setting your mind before you attempt to make the changes. It makes sense. You wouldn't set out on a long run without stretching your muscles and mapping out your trek. And frankly as writer's I think we do just that. We do things out of order and it catches up with us. Writers first sit down and write before knowing how it's supposed to be done and they we spend so much time back peddling and playing catch-up.

Kristi has so many good posts to read, they in themselves can be a distraction. So, maybe, I'll make it a goal to read of them every day. They are so uplifting.

Check out her blog when you feel a moment of 'distraction'. I don't think there's topic she doesn't cover.



Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, I don't have a good distraction like a wedding... however, distractions have been a problem recently. For good reasons, and because the world is the way it is now.

Thanks for info.

Bekki Lynn said...

The weddings are just a new distraction. I've been having concentration and focus issues and thought I was losing my mind until a wonderful woman came and talked to me last week. I'm perfectly normal, just need to make some changes to accomodate menopause.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yep, those hormones can play havoc! I like the supplement, DHEA, because it does help me in that way.

Bekki Lynn said...

I'll keep that in mind for next year. That's when they are taking me off the pill.

In the meantime...something has to kick me in gear. lol

Celia Yeary said...

BEKKI--a very timely post for me.I seem to have nothing but distractions, and they're all self-inflicted. Edits are the hardest thing to work on steadily. Lord, I can find so many others things to do first...then after 2-3 hours, I think...I need to work!
On the other hand, I work best under pressure, whether it's a real deadline or an false deadline I set for myself.
I like to get things in early, so I'll mark on the calendar "such and such due"--but I'll put it a month early--or a couple of weeks, whatever I want. That works.

Actualy writing is another can of worms. That's causing me the most problems.
Thanks for the link--Celia

Bekki Lynn said...

I hope the blog helps, Celia.

I've tried to fool myself like giving myself earlier dates, but there's always that voice which reminds it's not true.

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