Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring - It's Confirmed

Oh, gosh! Spring is here.

You know how I know. It's more than the warmer temps, the green grass and blooming flowers.

It's opening day of the 2010 Baseball season. Finally!

I gear most of my doings from opening day to the end of season around Chicago Cubs games. I'm excited. From 3-6 today, I'll be planted on the couch with my peanuts, pepsi and have a hot dog or two for dinner as I watch.

Every year, I watch Ryan Theriot at short stop and at bat and think, wow, he is so much like Ryne Sandberg, my all time fav Cubs second basemen. His stats aren't there yet, but his stance and movements are familiar as I watched Sandberg from spring training until he retired - and yes post retirement as he managed the Cubs A team here.

During arbitration, many of us feared we'd lose Theriot, and that would have been a loss detrimental to the team. Finally, when it came down to the wire, they settled on a pay amount and we have him locked in.

What does this have to do with romance, you're probably wondering? Despite the fact there is romance in almost all baseball movies, I've had a love affair with baseball all my life. Every year we end with a winning season or a division title, it's very much a Happy For Now. I love my Cubbies - period.

And Wrigley Field -- the best Stadium experience ever. I often tell my husband that I'd love to go and just sit in the empty stands. I know I'd be visited by the greats and not so greats and listen to their tales and see their experiences. It'd be fantastic.



Lindsay Townsend said...

Wonderful Bekki! You've really captured the buzz and exhilaration of the new baseball season!
I feel the same way about cricket....

Savanna Kougar said...

I loved playing baseball and would still love doing that, if I could.

As a fan, I've been jerked around one too many times.

ENJOY! the season. I know you will!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Lindsay and Savanna!

I do love the game. Watching it on television is fantastic for the close-up views, but there is nothing like being there. The fans are awesome and it's always a good time.

I'm looking forward to the minor league games as well. The home opener for them is over a week away.

Sarah Simas said...

Fun post, Bekki! It's sad to say, but I've never been much of a sports-watchin'-kind-of-gal . . . then I saw an England vs. Ireland rugby match. Now, I'm a believer! lol Oh, baby! Big,tall, well-muscled strapping lads in shorty-shorts. Too yummy for words! :)

Here's hoping your b-ball season is exciting and full of fun!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Sarah.

It's so easy to get hooked once you watch. I limit myself to baseball and football to spare my husband, who's not a sports guy. Though he will watch with me.