Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inspired by Spring

I'm very excited to be here. This is a blog I enjoy following because it's very topical and always has interesting ideas that inspire.

Spring is in the air. California poppies are popping up all around the countryside here in Southern California. In my backyard, my lilac bush is sprouting leaves. Last year, it didn't bloom so I'm happy to report I see some flower buds. Just last week, my husband planted tomatoes, marigolds, and a lime plant with the boys. The winter doldrums are just an echo as an occasional day of bad weather haunts us.

Spring is fresh. It's new. It's vibrant. It inspires.

That's what I'm here to talk about – the inspiration of spring. With new and fresh life all around us, especially in our blooming plants and trees, new ideas generally tickle the muse and our muses generally tickle us.

Who hasn't had a fresh idea with the oncoming of spring – or a new idea for a romance, or a blast of fresh inspiration for the direction of a story?

It's intangible, yet right now, we're more susceptible to feel the passion of inspiration. Inspiration is all around us. Isn't a blossoming flower garden romantic? The warming weather?

Don't lose touch with your inner muse; your inspiration. If you feel your muse has taken a vacation, tap into the inspiration of spring. It's an invigorating feeling.

Just recently I had a chance to write about muses and inspiration for the Be Mused Anthology, released through Desert Breeze. In my story, "Matchmaking Amusements" Isolde, the muse, takes a vacation – but after her writer, Jane, finishes her novel. Isolde goes to Berchtesgaden, Germany in the heart of the Obersalzburg Mountains and meets a male muse, Tristan. Surrounded by warm weather, fresh cut grass, clear blue lakes, and the smells of warm apple tarts, Isolde and Tristan can't help but fall in love.

Spring into inspiration with your muse, and thanks for having me today.

"Be Mused," an a-muse-ing anthology is now available through Desert Breeze Publishing at:

Here's a link to my book teaser for "Matchmaking Amusements:"

Stephanie Burkhart


Bekki Lynn said...

How lovely, Steph.

All the wonderful spring flowers popping up everywhere. I have the purple and white lilacs out back and they are heavenly this time of year.

Matchmaking Amusements sounds fun and cosy.

StephB said...

Oh, I love white lilacs, too. My grandmother had a bush of both in her backyard. April/May/June was my favorite time of year because Granny's lilacs were in bloom. Sigh... Good memories.

Matchmaking Amusement was fun. Isolde and Tristan go to Bertesgarten Germany were it's warm and sunny and "springy" hehe. A nice time to fall in love.


Julia Barrett said...

Hey, I'm in Cali too! Yes, this is one of the greenest springs in years. Lovely! You book looks lovely too!

Lindsay Townsend said...

A perfect celebration of Spring and the muses, Steph! Thank you so much for an inspiring blog.

Wonderful photos!!!

Matchmaking Amusements sounds wonderful - I love those kinds of takes on ancient myths and the setting sounds fascinating.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Steph, wonderfully inspiring blog and those pics are an inspiration unto themselves.
Muses falling in love, what a delicious concept.
I love lilacs and wish I had them here. Their perfume is another kind of heaven.

Gina said...

What a refreshing blog, Steph! And lovely photos, too. I can smell the lilacs now. Thanks for the sweet inspiration. In friendship, Regina

Maggie Toussaint said...

Hey Steph,

I love the beautiful blossoms of spring. What a lovely post to gather all those inspirational thoughts together and channel them right into a muse talk.

I keep thinking about your male and female muses. I'm fairly certain my muse if female but I've wondered what it might be like to have a male muse.

liana laverentz said...

My friend and I walk every weekend. Two Sundays ago everything was still green. Last week there was color everywhere. It was quite a shock to someone who rarely comes out of her cave :) But beautiful, and yes, full of inspiration. Great post, Steph. A lime tree...hmmmm...sounds really fun.

Liana Laverentz

Mona Risk said...

Steph, I love your pictures. You made me breathe the spring and see the blooming flowers. Here in Florida, we don't feel the change of seasons.

StephB said...

Everyone, thanks for visiting and sharing your memories about spring.

Julia, I agree - it's a lovely spring here in California. The weather has been nice and moderate. Perfect.

I had such a fun time writing my muse story. The muses were a blast. And the writer, Jane & Antonio, they were fun too.

Mona, I'm surprised to hear about the weather down in Florida. I hope spring comes to you soon.

And thank you all for the warm welcome here at Happily Ever After

SilverWolf said...

I love it when all the flowers start popping out such beatiful colors and those smells. Ahh. Thanks I needed a break Steph. I can't wait to read the Be-mused story all of them actually they sound really fun. Have a good one.