Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter, How Do You Celebrate?

Happy Easter!

We all have our reasons for celebrating or not celebrating Easter. Today, Happily Ever After Authors are sharing how they celebrate the day and why.

Bekki Lynn: As a child, I used to go to sunrise service, then home to hunt for easter eggs and check out the goodies in the Easter basket. Today, and for many years, the heart of my Easter celebration is my family. Like Christmas, there is a giddy, childlike excitement about putting together the baskets for candy and special gifts I search out for each and every person. The joy of the kids is every bit as jubilant as it is on Christmas morning. I hide eggs in our front and back yard, some easy to find, others not so easy to find. It turns into a mental challenge as we throw out clues that make them think; like puzzles. There is a lot of laughter, a lot of fun jibing. Once our home fun is finished, we hook up with the rest of the family for either brunch or dinner, whatever grandma decides she wants to do. For us, Easter gives us another day where we know we'll all be together; unless family from out of state is visiting, it's our first chance since Christmas with everyone having busy lives. It's all about family and the love of being together.

Happy Easter!


Savanna Kougar ~ As a kid, growing up, I had some of the best Easter days ever, thanks to my parents. It was about family, everyone being together and eating that specially prepared dinner. Oh, the smiles and the smells. For several years my very talented mother would make a bunny cake, a rabbit face decorated with food-colored coconut frosting and jelly beans. Yum!
Early in the day, me and my siblings would paw through our Easter baskets gobbling the goodies or trading them... one of the advantages of a large family. Before Easter, there was always the egg dyeing, one of my favorite things to do. Nothing like a beautifully colored egg. I would feel entranced once we'd finished, and just sit and look at them.
These days, it's the joys of nature, right outside my door on Easter, that make me feel the most spiritual, the most connected to everyone and everything on Mother Earth.

Have a Joyous Easter~


Lindsay Townsend ~ These days I celebrate Easter as the start of the New Year proper, with the growing plants and newly-born animals and birds. Every day the light grows stronger and the flowers begin to bloom and the birds sing and begin their courtship. To me it's a time of hope and renewal.

As a child I was less focused on nature or church and more, I'm afraid, on the chocolate eggs I might receive! I especially loved the extra-special eggs my parents bought us from the local chocolate shop, Thorntons. Their chocolate was always very silky smooth and luxurious and our eggs were always signed with our own names - in pink or white icing sugar. I still have fond memories of those eggs now...



Lindsay Townsend said...

Happy Easter to one and all!

Bekki - I hope this year's egg hunt goes as brilliantly as ever!

Savanna - I hope you see something really wonderful and special on your tame prairie!

I hope you and everyone has a super time with your loved ones over this holiday.

Celia Yeary said...

Good morning! Easter means worship on Sunday morning and listening to our fabulous choir and our enthusiatic pastor. At church, though, we also have an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, and they bring their pretty baskets into the sanctuary to show at the children's sermon in which, somehow, the family minister will connect the dots for them. In our church and community, Easter is the most joyous, happy occasion all year. Someone also said it's like the real beginning of the year, with the new plants and flowers popping up, bringing everything back to life. Wishing everyone a wonderful day! Celia

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Celia! Happiness to you, too!

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, it is the true beginning of the year... the blooming of Mother Earth, the blessed Resurrection of the Divine.

Celia, thank you for sharing. I have fond memories Easter services and egg hunts. There is such beauty to life.

Bekki Lynn said...

We had a wonderful day! There was a spot of rain, but it didn't dampen our plans.

The boys didn't find 2 eggs and I have no idea where I put them, so they and the neighbors had a fun time with that. Wouldn't surprise me if one of my squirrels didn't run off and bury them. lol

After chowing on grilled Chucker and Pheasant with yams, beets, corn and deviled eggs, we gathered and watched Ninja Assassins. Jesse had received it in his basket.

The day was perfect!

Bekki Lynn said...

Lindsay, the chocolate sounds mouth watering.

We have a chocolate shop in the city and for the first time, I dared to enter the place on Friday with Jesse and Kara. I'm always hesitant due to the fact so many use butter in their recipes and that's all I can taste. Not a good thing for me, but I couldn't resist these large chunks of Rocky Road. Much to my excited pleasure - no butter taste. They are fantastic.

Bekki Lynn said...

Oh, Savanna - the bunny cake sounds adorable. You're mentioning it reminded I have a bunny cake pan. I don't usually do desserts for this holiday since there is so much candy.

I, too, loved the egg coloring -- sometimes the boys let me do a few. I love the solid bright colored ones while they're more creative.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi - I've got a few questions, if that's ok.

How do you colour eggs?

And do you have a long public holiday for Easter? here in the UK we have Easter Monday as a public holiday (which we call Bank holidays cos the banks are closed)

How about you?