Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Romancing the Muse with a Flash

I’ve discovered that my Muse appreciates being romanced, at times. Not exactly surprising for an author of erotic romance. Still, if I don’t pay proper attention to what my Muse is offering me, she gets temperamental, understandably.
So, when my Muse offered up this story idea while I was in a semi-lucid state, I grabbed it and gave her a big mental hug of appreciation.
I also decided I would turn it into a Flash Fiction piece for Flash Fiction Sunday at the Liquid Silver blog. Not only is that challenging fun for me, but it lets me be with the story in an intimate way that adds important details.

From my latest WIP ~ Winter’s Carnal Splendor

Stretching, Surrisa shoved away from the holo-puter and glanced at the large, wrap-around entertainment screen. For a few minutes, she watched the street festivities of Winter Carnivale. The raucous splendor appealed to her and she planned on joining in after a much-needed night’s rest.
Quickly re-checking her progress, Surrisa disengaged the program she’d been working on, a new way to enter into the matrix of time.
“Shut down,” she ordered the lab’s control system, since it was evening and only she remained. Rising, she strode rapidly to her locker, her way illumined by a lighting strip on the corridor wall.
Moments later, Surrisa stood naked, ready to put on her winter gear. Home was about a mile’s walk away.
At the thunderous hum of the time warp machine, she whipped around. How the holy hell could it have been powered up? Bending over to retrieve her lab garments, she felt the telltale sting of a knock-out weapon.
A split second later, she slumped to the floor. Above her, the lighting hazily whirled as she tried to fight her way back to consciousness.
“All is not forgiven.” A voice roughened by rage spoke above her. “Remember that. All is not forgiven.”
‘Forgiven.’ The word circled inside her head like her favorite carousel just before everything went dark.
Then, everything became cold. Bitterly cold.
Surrisa realized she sat in a fetal position with not a stitch on. Cold seeped inside her and she hugged herself. Not only that, she felt the slight buzz of the protective bubble she’d placed around herself for warmth, automatically, as she’d been mind-trained to do.
Letting her eyes blink open, she saw white. Surrisa swiveled her head in every direction. Once her gaze fully focused, panic welled up. A glistening tundra landscape surrounded her. Beautiful, but deadly.
Already, her energy declined. She couldn’t keep the frequency shield up forever.
What became clear as the ice crystals clinging to the outside of her bubble… as her thoughts spun and she recalled her last minutes in the lab… someone wanted her to know how she died, flash-frozen. Freeze-dried by the sub-zero weather.
Surrisa heaved out a frightened breath. A tiny mist formed because of the quickly cooling temperature. Desperately wanting to fight her fate, she sought any answer. Yet, she possessed no idea where she’d been sent or to what period of history. How could she mentally summon anyone?
Any solution eluded her as her body heat drained away. Her eyes slipped shut and her will to live began to fail. Like a long lucid dream, Surrisa allowed the memories of her life to flow by. Once her bubble dissipated rapidly, she toppled over on her side. At least, her death should be quick, mere moments.
Delirious, with the cold stinging her flesh, she thought she felt an enormous hand grip her arm. Next, huge furry arms wrapped around her body, and she was pressed flush against a warm bare chest. Incredibly warm. And absolutely massive.
Was she hallucinating?
Still, degree by degree, her body gained in warmth.
‘You will heal.’ The words entered her mind.
Wading through the fogginess of her brain, she asked, ‘Who are you?’
‘I am Maroorq. A race you will not know about, probably.’
Her mind struggled to file through the races she did know about. ‘No. I don’t know.’ Then, it dawned on her. ‘How do you know my language?’
‘We do not speak any language. Do not worry, I am learning yours. It is similar to the English language of North America.’
Her mind went clickity clack, so it felt. North America.
When had that designation last been used for the AmeriCanMex States?
‘What year is it?’ she asked apprehensively.
‘The year is 2009, about to be 2010.’
Surrisa trembled violently. She’d been thrown back thirty years to a time when she’d been seven years old.
Of course, in this Earth timeline, she might not even exist. That had been part of her project, entering a matrix point that would guarantee a desired timeline.
‘2009… I’m from 2039.’
‘I saw your arrival, little one.’
‘How did you do that?’
‘There was a slice in the sky, a temporal opening. I followed your shining arc.’
Bewildered, yet understanding what he said… yes, he. The giant of a man carried her easily, his gait long and almost floating over the snow.
‘Where are you taking me?’
‘To my home. I will not harm you.’
Surrisa had an insane urge to laugh, to keep on laughing. ‘Isn’t that what the villain always says?’
‘Whoever placed you here is the villain, little one.’
How could she argue with that? ‘What’s your name?’
‘Call me Drokku. Your name?’
‘Surrisa, my first name. Where are we?’
‘It’s called the Arctic. We call it Polaris in honor of the White Bear.’
The Arctic. In her time much of the snow had receded, leaving a cold, yet temperate climate. ‘Polar bears?’
‘Yes, the Polar bear. Have you seen them in your time?’
‘In my time, their coats are caramel-colored like brown sugar, except in winter. You feel big as a Polar bear.’
‘I am bigger than the White Bear.’
‘Is that why you can glide over the snow this way?’
‘No. It is the way of my race.’
‘Is your race furry? Or was I hallucinating?’
‘We are furry. And we are not. You’re not furry, beautiful little Surrisa.’
‘No, I’m naked.’
Giggles wanted to burst from her lips like champagne bubbles. Only she couldn’t. She wasn’t strong enough to move.
‘Very naked.’ His words growled through her mind, bold with lust.
‘Planning on devouring my body with passion?’
‘Only if you desire it.’
Was that a bead of sweat sliding between her breasts? Heat poured inside her body, a delicious resurrection of her flesh.
‘You feel like a furnace.’
‘My body is designed to generate great amounts of heat when needed.’
She dared wonder how ‘heated’ he became when aroused. Did he gleam with sweat as he powerfully mounted a woman?


May your most romantic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Happy New Year, everyone!

Bekki Lynn said...

Isn't it wonderful how the muse knows when you mind is the most receptive?

I love the touch of how the ice and polar bears are disappearing and even more so years to come. It's sad.

Lindsay Townsend said...

More, please, Savanna! This is a gripping, exciting, sensual tale!

Can't wait for the next part!

There is evidence, Bekki, that polar and grizzly bears do sometimes mate and produce cubs, so who knows? the polar bear hopefully will live on in some way or another.

Bekki Lynn said...

I agree with Lindsay -- we need more. They are very engaging.

I didn't know that about the polars and grizzly's. What do they call them? The boys would be very interested, too.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, it is wonderful!

Actually, Polar Bears are on the upswing in population numbers, currently. Warmer weather is likely to change their coat color, or, as Lindsay says, there could be a mating between the two, Grizzly and Polar Bear.
Right now, it's unlikely they'll go extinct... unless, another type of enemy shows up.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, oh, thank you. If only I could pause time, write a novel, then start it up again... lol...
Gee, if we could all do that... hmmmm... would we sell more? Would there be enough readers?

jyoti said...

I love the touch of how the ice and polar bears are disappearing and even more so years to come.
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Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Jyoti, thanks for commenting.