Monday, April 13, 2009

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

"Never Judge a Book by It's Cover". I know we've all been force fed this our entire lives. I've even written about it in my first book Charmed from Ellora's Cave where my heroine doesn't take the hero seriously because he's supermodel gorgeous. But today, while checking my email I ran into another top Buzz story on Yahoo!

Yes, I'm a sucker. And of course, I had to click on it and lo and behold the story was about one the UK's biggest moneymaker, "Britain's Got Talent" and one of its contestants, Susan Boyle who wowed the judges and audiences on a recent episode.

How did she do it? Ms. Boyle has a voice that rivals Leontyne Price or if you're too young to remember her, Charlotte Church (what happened to her anyway?). The Twist? Ms. Boyle is stuck in the body of Sesame Street's Oscar the Grouch sans the trash can.

So, add her appearance, the fact that she's never been kissed, and was seeking fame and fortune at the age of 47 (Simon looked epileptic when she gave her age - what's up with him and age?) they pretty much put her on the shelf with William Hung.

But before Ms. Boyle could complete the first line of "I Dream A Dream" from Les Miserables, the crowd was standing on their feet.

And no less than thirty seconds into her performance, Simon Cowell looked as if wanted to propose . Or maybe he was counting all the money he was going to make off the diva who lives with her cat, who will one day perform to sell out audiences on Londons' West End? I'm sure it's the latter.

To see Ms. Boyle's tear jerking performance visit:


Hanna Rhys Barnes said...

That was insanely fabulous! You're right, Koko! Simon did look like he wanted to propose. I don't think I believed that he could get his face to make that look. That clip has lifted my spirits and I'm off to write.


Linda Banche said...

Good for her!