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My Baby is One Year Old

Darius Markum, a man Cheri London meets online, agrees to help her conceive a child she wants. Darius sets out to win Cheri's wary heart, but before they can meet, she's injured and a rescuer named Allen comes to her aid. After a night of passion, Cheri returns home without meeting Darius, until she discovers Darius and Allen...

A Psychic Hitch came out April 14, 2008. Today I’m celebrating the anniversary of my first erotic contemporary release. From those who comment, names will go in a hat for my husband to draw three winners. 1st – autographed copy of Servin’ It up, containing A Psychic Hitch and the second story in the series, Last Glass of Wine. 2nd - one of my logo hats. 3rd - A Psychic Hitch ebook.

Shush now, I know the real anniversary is tomorrow. We blog Monday, Wednesday and Friday here.

A peek into the history of the story:

This story came about in December 2006. In September and October of that year, I wrote a 60,000 word book in six weeks. November was NANO month where I wrote a bit over 50,000 words, had the flu and had a hard drive crash while working five shifts a week. Needless to say, when December rolled around, I was exhausted, burnt out. I had a couple of projects waiting, but I had no drive to dig into them. I needed something different.

So, one morning, I was on my way to work. I was thinking about a woman who didn’t need a man to be who she was and what she was. She could be strong, call the shots. One thing led to another and by the time I came home, I had the gist of the story and only needed to get it down on paper, so to speak. It was a much shorter story than the final product. I was encouraged to submit it for a ‘call’ and it was rejected within twenty-four hours.

I continued to work on the story, and after three more rejections it was picked up by Siren Publishing. While not all reviewers appreciated my a-typical heroine and hero, most did.

5 Stars – Manic Readers
4.5 Roses - The Romance Erotica Connection
4.5 Euros - Euro-Reviews
4 Angles - Fallen Angel Reviews
4 Cherries – Whipped Cream4 Cups - Coffee Time Romance
4 Moons – Moondance Reviews
4 Delightful Divas – Dark Diva Reviews
4 Stars – Joyfully Reviewed
B - Simply Romance Reviews
3 Stars - Review Your Book
Book Cove Reviews

It spent 59 days on the publishers general bestseller list and 43 of those days on the 30 day bestseller and has made multiple appearances back on the general bestseller. Basically, these are bragging rights, but still, I'm very proud of the response my first release has received.

Here’s an excerpt rated R:

“I’ve never met him,” she admitted.

“You came all this way to see a guy you don’t know? Why?”

She studied him, not quite sure how to explain. Would he think her stupid or worse—label her as a nutcase? “We met in an online service and I thought…well, he seemed perfect. Too perfect to follow through on the terms, I guess.” The thought of another wasted ovulation period threatened to depress her. She brushed her hands over her face to help wipe away the niggling fact she might never have the child she wanted.

“Terms?” He checked the cut and moved down on the floor. With his fingers, he checked the water temperature in the basin. “I need you to sit up and put your feet over the side of the bed.”
She scooted, wincing as she moved her foot. He cupped the heel as it came over the side. Instinctively, she pulled it back. The movement pronounced the throb, but his touch intensified the ache between her thighs.

“Go on, tell me about the terms.” Allen’s hand slipped up to her calf as he wet a cloth and washed the blood from her foot.

Cheri took a deep breath and let it out with a whoosh. He tried to be gentle, but it hurt. “I want to have a baby, so I went to see a psychic friend of one of my sisters. She confirmed I’d have the child I want.” Her breasts rose and fell when he ran the cloth between her toes. She’d never had anyone wash her feet before. Somehow it seemed intimate, sexual and a need spiraled through her midsection.

“And the problem is?” He dried her injured foot, being careful around the cut.

She jerked her foot when he again checked the depth, but he had a good hold on it. “It requires sperm to fertilize an egg.”

“Yes, it does, but that wasn’t what I meant.”

He tried to hide the smirk by keeping his head lowered, but she saw it. “Since the man I came to meet didn’t show, well, I can hardly produce it myself.” She swallowed the thickness lacing her voice.

“Isn’t that half the fun? Searching, getting to know someone, finding out if the chemistry is there, and setting up the meet to see if the online feelings flow into real time.”

“I’m not looking for a relationship. It’s a business deal. A weekend of free sex, and if conception occurs, he’ll sign a contract freeing him of all rights and obligations.”

“So, then, why not go to a sperm bank?”

“I have my reasons.”

He tilted his head, eyeing her. “So, are you doing this because of the psychic?”


“I can’t believe you’d have trouble finding volunteers where you live.”

“It wouldn’t work for me.”

“So, you’d rather chance the history of a stranger than someone who could ease your mind about certain facts of family history?”

He touched the cut with the tip of his finger to apply the ointment. She groaned. “That stings.”

“Sorry. I should have warned you.” He set the tube down and picked up the butterfly bandages. “This is going to hurt, so take a deep breath and let it out.” When he pressed the open wound closed, she sucked in air and held it. “Breathe, Cheri.” She did, but gripped her thigh with tears in her eyes as she watched him put the Band-aids in place and tape a gauze pad over them. “Tomorrow, we’ll let it air, but tonight let’s keep it clean and dry.” His hand massaged her foot and up her calf. Damn, she could get used to his bedside manner. “How does that feel?”

“It’s fine. Thank you.” Allen picked up her other foot and set it in the warm water, rubbing the sand off with his fingers. She looked up at him and saw the corners of his eyes twitch. He knew what he was doing to her.

“So, what other requirements need to be met for this prospective donor to fertilize you?”

The way he said it made it sound so cold, and maybe it was. It’s the way she needed it to be. “Why? Are you offering?” She ran her tongue over her dry lips and watched him swallow.


A Psychic Hitch is a May-December themed story of an older woman/younger man. I hadn’t really thought about it being a series until I was asked by the chief editor if it was part of a series. I thought about it and realized, yeah. Last Glass of Wine also was May-December older woman/younger man, but they both had the same restaurant in common. I went even further back and recalled a piece I’d written for a contest in early 2007 – it also fit. While I was digging it up from the archives, I found yet another I had begun that also fit. So, yes, I told her it was part of a series. Last Glass of Wine was released July 17, 2008. Contemptible Service is awaiting the contract. Temptation & Temptation is being written.

I was allowed to run back through A Psychic Hitch and Last Glass of Wine a couple of times before they went to the printer to be released as ‘A Special Print Collection’ – so not only is the word count higher than the ebooks, but they are smoother – not perfect, but cleaner.

As with most POD books, Servin’ It Up can be purchased at most online paperback shops. Most common are Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Ebooks are available where most ebooks are sold. I push – as my publisher, the royalty rate is the highest. All Romance Ebooks would be next in line for higher payment, but they also have the best customer service. Amazon Kindle would be next.

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a prize.


Contemporary romance with sizzling sensuality


Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, confetti-throwing congratulations. Fascinating how the story came about. I always love knowing the back-story.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Bekki, many congratulations on your lovely book-baby! I agree with Savanna - how a story is born is always intriguing.

The 50K words of story that you set aside to work on Psychic Hitch - do you think you will return to it?

Also, will the characters re-appear in any of your 'Serving it Up' series?

Bekki Lynn said...

Hi Lindsay -

The book I wrote for that NANO project is the fourth book in my Uniform Love series. I will be going back to it.

Cheri & Allen of A Psychic Hitch and Cole & Lana of Last Glass of Wine do put in a cameo in Contemptible Service. The leads in Contemptible Service are also in the fourth, Temptation & Temptation as they still run the restaurant. I'm having a ball with the last story - promises to be a fantastic finale to the series.

Bekki Lynn said...

I love confetti, Savanna. I love the showers of color.

Remember Rip Taylor and how he'd throw buckets of it.