Friday, April 3, 2009

The Men We Fall In Love With But Can't Have

Our heros.

I tend to fall for the men I write. Don't you? It doesn't seem to matter how different or the same they are from story to story. Maybe that's the key. The sameness and the differences and how each handle themselves in their respective situations.

Without falling in love with them, I don't think I could write about them both from her perspective and his.

I'm working on the fourth story in my series and yesterday, I totally fell in love with the hero with just one simple, silly scene and a discussion about Kool-aid.

To get a feel for him, the man behind the sexy light amber eyes who looks at you like he knows all your secrets and would love to know more and has the most amazing sexy, playful smile, I was writing a scene that's been playing around in my head all week. He'd invited the new girl on the block over to have popcorn and watch movies. Yes, seriously.

Sometimes a guy doesn't really have to do anything to become endearing. He just needs to exist and let us learn about him via the eyes of another until we get to play with him.

I have a lot to learn about Thomas yet, but right now, I know he's sensitive, caring and very intuitive. And he can kiss. I can't wait to find out what his buttons are, what Jaycee does to set them off. How he possibly can win just a piece of her heart?

There's much, much more to this story and the characters that I won't talk about here, but I'm excited. Therefore, I've kind of withdrawn to get a good jump on it. My goal for the month is to have the first draft completed.

I love new projects. And this one, especially since I can see the end and am sort of working backwards in writing it. I'm an unconventional pankster type of witer.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, wonderful bloggie. Yes, I confess, I always fall in love with my heroes, so I get a two-for-one pleasure. I fall in love, the heroine falls in love, or begins to ...
Your new project sounds delish...
Happy writing!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Savanna.

I'm having a blast writing it. The characters are keeping me on my toes already.

Lindsay Townsend said...

I agree, Savanna and Bekki - you need to 'fall' for your heroes, or identify with them, in order for the reader to also feel for them.

Thomas sounds a love, by the way, Bekki! Those kinds of incidental details that you've mentioned are the delights I always read for and love finding in romance novels.

Have lots of fun!

Linda Banche said...

Your heroes have to be the kind of men you like, otherwise, they wouldn't be your heroes. Falling in love with them is double the pleasure.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks Lindsay -

I love the little things that make up the characters -- sometimes I think they get over shadowed by the big blunders men can't help but make. lol

Bekki Lynn said...

You know, you're right, Linda.

But sometimes they don't start out that way. I have to spend some time with them and get to know them. Find out what's underneath and why they are, at first, unlikeable. There had to be something that drew them to me in the first place.

It's plain fun.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, you just cracked me up ~ the big blunders men can't help but make. lol ~
So true, at times.

I love learning about the different ways we all write. My heroes have to be a man my heroine would want with her whole heart and soul... and passion, of course.

Sara Taney Humphreys said...

Love the blog Bekki!
I too fall head over heals for my heros....if we don't love 'em how can the reader right? I adore the whole "invited over for a movie and popcorn" so sweet!