Friday, March 20, 2009

Not a Traditional Happy Ever After

Last night I watched the movie 9 1/2 Weeks. When it came out in 1985 I wasn't old enough to go see it and such a dork that it didn't occur to me to try and sneak in. I remember hearing about how racy and dark it was. Sex. Sex. Sex. At least, that's what I recall people saying. Last night I was having a hell of a time falling asleep and while channel surfing I happened upon this old flick. First of all, it was sort of sad to see how much Mickey Rourke has changed. Back in the day he was beautiful. Dark, sexy, dangerous, cocky...yum. Kim Basinger was as luminous then as she is today. So after all of this hype, was this movie really that racy? Well...yes this film had some intense scenes that would be considered edgy even by today's standards. However, what I found most intriguing about it was the nontraditional happy ending. The two lovers don't stay together. She leaves him. She leaves him so she can stand on her own two feet. He began as someone who wanted to take care of her and protect her, but by the end it became controlling and abusive. Her happiness came from leaving and standing alone. Allowing her to take control of her own life, destiny and ultimately her own happiness. Now, to me, that's a happy ending. A woman who is strong, fulfilled and loved. She loved herself enough to leave.


Bekki Lynn said...

I recall seeing it back when, wasn't impressed enough to see it again, I guess.

I do enjoy a lot of movies with no HEA, but of course they have to fit the story.

However, it would have been nice to see a sequel -- Another 91/2 Weeks where she finds a true HEA.

That's not saying all women need a man to be happy -- it's a different happy and when a woman's been abused and turned off relationships, it's natural to want to see them find a love to right the wrong.

Lindsay Townsend said...

I was relieved she was strong enough to leave him. As you say, an edgy movie, and a HEA in a way, in that she did learn to pull back from a destructive relationship.

I think as Bekki suggests, another 9 1/2 weeks would be an interesting film. I hope one day they make it.

Savanna Kougar said...

I never did see that one. I just heard all the hype and saw the trailer-commercials...
I think I thought it was too dark for my taste, and without a Happy Ending...
True, a happy ending can be walking away in that circumstand... well, I guess I could consider myself a success in that ability... but it's no real happy ending. I can tell you that, too.
Darn, I can't see your pic. I just get the red x thing.

Kadian Tracey said...

I never saw it (I was like 2 when it was released lol) but I've heard it it. I think this is a vital movie for some women to see. They need to see it to learn the difference between abuse and love/protection.

Besides, I tend to stay away from movies that they over hyped. They always tend to suck.

But I have to give her kudos for leaving. I think women need to learn that. They can do better than the abuser they are with.