Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hazing - How Dumb do you REALLY have to be...

Hi Everyone,
Just fair warning, this is not a sweet little, romantic blog. This blog is going to be blunt and honest because if it can save alive, I want it to. I want this blog, to sink into you and I want it t hurt.

I wanted this blog out earlier but, let's face it, I was pretty angry when I saw it. Like a comedian said the other day on television "stupidity should hurt. Every time you think of something stupid you should get a kick ass brain freeze!"

First of all, I love to blog about things that really irritate me, my writing and hope that people who read it learn something or send someone they believe need to learn something to read it.

Forget the fact that hazing is - well - ILLEGAL. Forget that someone can get killed. I have to seriously ask what in the hell are these people thinking when they decided it was perfectly alright to hand-cuff a half naked girl with her hands behind her back and force feed her gallons of alcohol through a straw. How stupid do you have to be to know that first of all, she could drown, second of all alcohol poisoning! You could die! My lord! Sometimes you have to wonder how these kids made it to the university level when they are that stupid!

Ok, *breathes* I'm sorry but one would think that at eighteen, children are now adults and are now ready to go out into the world. But after reading this, I have to wonder if the age shouldn't be raised? These dumb punks are going to kill themselves!

Ok, I'm 25 and in University but ever since I was in high school I didn't care what people thought. I had my nose in a book and thought that being "cool" was overrated but in these day and age it could kill and land people in jail! How desperate do you have to be to agree to being force fed alcohol - naked in a park?

I'm sorry, I just want to get it through your heads that this is what most university students are doing! Why? Because apparently we havent gone past the Witch Hunt mentallity where they would shove a woman off a cliff and if she flew then she was a witch but if she sank to her death on the jagged rocks below, she wasnt a witch - with the hazing, they force feed you alcohol (or whatever dumb stunt they thought up in their alcoholic daze the night before) and force the rushers to do it. If the rushers do it and win they die or gain brain injury etc but if they fail they are outcasted for life.

All because they want to be in the 'in' crowd!

Ok let me explain a few things -

  1. If you have to do something as dumb as drink massives amount of alcohol or some other dumb stunt that could get you severely injured or killed to get on good terms with these people - THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!
  2. If you believe that doing one of these stunts is a good idea - I am sorry but you're dumber than a ritz cracker and does not deserve to be away from home in university. You are not mature enough to be on your own because you are going to get yourself killed.
  3. And if you're the one doing the hazing, I hope you go to jail for a VERY long time because if you get a slap on the wrist eventually you will kill someone.

*sigh* Look, its not brain surgery - if something sound dumb and dangerous - check this out - IT'S DUMB AND DANGEROUS!

I hope, this opens someone's eyes. Please check on your 'adult' kids and make sure they aren't hazing anyone or getting hazed. Because I know that getting the phone call that a loved one is dead or in jail when they were supposed to be in second period Chemistry or something like that, is NOT good. It does not give a good feeling.

Kadian Tracey


Lindsay Townsend said...

I agree, Kadian. This is a vital post and you are utterly right to be angry. I'd not heard of hazing before but it sounds barbaric and bullying. I think you've said what needed to be said.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kadian, one of the reasons I attened a small private college, way back when, is because I didn't want anything to do with that kind of crap.
And it is crap.
Sadly, the answer is not MORE adult supervision. In my experience this stupidity is brought on by one of three factors, or all the above.
Number one, the kids who drank the most when I attended college were the Bible Belt kids who had been overly supervised and overly protected from life.
Number two, most of these young adults couldn't make a decent decision if you paid them. Why? Because they were never allowed to learn the skill as children. Every decision was made for them.
Number three, sadly there are people just that dumb, or so in need of attention they'll do anything. No amount of adult supervision will ultimately save them from themselves.

The upshot. When it's time to grow up. It's time to grow up. And either it happens or it doesn't.
However, as a parent, you end up doing everything you can to help your kids.

Bekki Lynn said...

I never experienced the college life. I was married and lived twenty miles away from the school and later did my hotel/restaurant courses via mail.

All the nonsense just seems so elementary school that you can't help but wonder if they're rebelling against the strict upbringing they had or maybe some were so destroyed by drugs in high school, they can't do anything else. And there are those who have such low self-esteem they finally feel a part of something and that outweighes what they were taught. And some are just plain control freaks and power hunger bully's.

Hazing isn't something new, but I think somewhere along the way, it's become a competition to see who can be more outrageous and who can walk the line a little more dangerously than another school.

If they would not make some of these happenings newsworthy items, the urge to be competitive would fall.

I so agree with you Savanna. Parents need to find a happy medium between the extremes.

Kadian Tracey said...

thanks guys. I just got really irritated when I saw the news report!

Sara Taney Humphreys said...

Great post Kadian! I completely agree with everything you wrote. I've been out of college for...dare I say it...almost 20 years. However, perhaps because my college wasn't a big Frat/Soroity school...we didn't see any real instances of hazing. I did see some very stupid behavior however.
I also agree with Savanna's response. The students who've been given an opportunity to make decisions for themselves before they got to college faired better. Having parents that you can have an open dialogue with is important. If a kid feel like they can't go to Mom/Dad with a tough issue...then they may not make the best choices.
I'm going to have my oldest son read your post. He's going to be a Freshman in High School in September....never too early to open that dialogue.