Friday, February 6, 2009

Perfect Romance

Romance doesn't always go the way we dream they should. In our young minds, there is nothing but love and love conquors the world. Prince Charming glides across the floor and sees no other and whisks me off my feet and life is magic from there. For most of us anyway.

Then we grow and find with our first love comes heartache and tears. Oh, the dramatics. This is about the time teenage girls begin to read romance novels. They're looking for that magic they dreamed about and their first experience didn't bring it on.

While this isn't why I began writing romance, it's a prime example of why I love to write like it's real life. There is so much women and men go through that romance where everything lines up all nice and neat doesn't necessarily help. It's an escape, yes. It's taking their minds off their trouble for a hour at a time. But what I like to see and what I like to show is that fictional characters have the same issues that any one or two of the readers can relate to and maybe find peace or a solution in how they might handle it themselves. Maybe give insight as to where the other side of the fence is coming from.

Love is never going to be perfect, but it' how we learn to handle it, how we learn to grow with it and how we learn to live with it. This is what I keep in mind while I'm writing. I want my characters to experience the ups, downs and survive it all. To come out in the end with the person who is going to walk with them to be all they can be. Happily Ever After isn't always going to be a straight and narrow path of merry little hearts circling around your head.

Thank goodness.

Without the trials how would we know the real thing? How could we appreciate the other person? Where would the bonding come from? Reminds me of the saying 'you can't live on love alone'. No, you can't.

So, tell me what you like in the romances you read. Come on, don't be shy? It's ok if you want the straight-line romances to escape with. Our differences are what makes us all work. :)


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Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, lovely insight into the wayward ways of the heart, and the journey of loving one another.

What I personally enjoy in a romance, besides the HEA, is how the heroine and hero relate to each other, and how they grow with each other, and love ~ from the tenderest moment to the most erotic passion they experience with each other.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks Savanna.

It's quite a trip to live, but watching it from page to page is so much fun. I love to watch them go through the mazes and trip over themselves as they fight and struggle only to find their paths are the same in spite of it.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Bekki, I agree with you. One thing I've always disliked is that line'love means never having to say your sorry'. I disagree. couples can have huge rows while they are getting used to each other and sometimes love does mean saying sorry. Once couples have gone past the 'in love' stage, the real intimacy begins.

Like Savanna, I like the real tenderness between couples, how they relate to each other, how they learn about each other. How a couple quarrel and make up is vital and I like to see that shown. What I dislike is pointless bickering and artifical conflict where I think 'these guys dislike each other'. Accepting that your beloved is not a carbon copy of you is the next stage. Give and take - that's what I like to see. The kind of 'I'll see your horror flick if you'll come with me to the orchid show'.

LK Hunsaker said...

I agree. I want the reality behind the romance, the struggles and doubts and reasons they make their choices.

Bekki Lynn said...

Oh, I agree, Lindsay --

Saying your sorry can make so much difference in a relationship.

Bekki Lynn said...

Exactly, L K,

I'm nosy, so I want the scoop. I want to know the whys, what fors and hows in order to sympathize and root for them. I don't mind waiting for the right time, as long as I get to find out.

I like that 'aha', now I'm getting it.

Linda Banche said...

What do I like in a romance? I want to read about decent adults who shoulder their burdens and get on with their lives with no whining. If it takes a while to get to the HEA, so be it.

And I have to have that HEA. Real life contains so much misery, I want to read about happy events.