Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music, A Romance Author's Best bud!

It's my first time blogging at HEA and I am excited! My name is Kadian Tracey and I a sweet romance author. I write a little bit of everything from Interracial to Sheikhs because let's face it, love comes frome every where. If you want to learn more about me you can find me at my website. So today I'd like to blog about music. Whenever I write, I listen to music to get me in the mood persay. For example, if I want to write something angry, I will listen to everything from Metallica to Pink Floyd. Sadness comes through music the best. When it comes to writing something heart wrenching I listen to people like Ben Broussard's "Me Hitting the Ground" or Colin James' "Why'd you Lie." They are some wonderful tunes out there to get you into the writing mood. If I am in love but not ready for a love scene, I listen to a little TLC or old skool Salt N Peppa.

Should you want to chose songs for love scenes, anything from most of Robin Thicke's songs, Lost Without U, Teach u A Lesson, Complicated, Angel (my absolute favorite) and When I get You ALone. Lenny Kravitz's Dancing Til Dawn is a very SEXY one. Ths one is for all you ladies and gents that writes erotica or sensual.

The reason I thought it fit to write about music is because sometimes you may be going through writer's block I find the perfect thing to get you in the mood, pull you from that blockage is the perfect song! Try it sometimes - The next time you feel as though you need to write but nothing's coming, dig through your CD or MP3 collection or go youtube surfing for music vids. Below is a list of artists that I use when I need writing help. It is my hopes that after you listen to any of them they will help you.

Robin Thicke
*Epik High
*Rain(Bi) (Specific song: In My Bed, Love Story, Rainism, Ways to Escape the Sun)
*Jang Woo Hyuk
Luther Vandross
Keisha Cole
Lenny Kravitz
Colin James
Pink Floyd
Savage Garden
Backstreet Boys (Specific song: Love Is)
Nick Carter (specific song: Do I Have to Cry for You)
*Big Bang (Specific song: Haru Haru) (English Day by Day)
Gloria Estefan (specific song: Anything For you)
Toni Braxton (specific song: Breathe Again, Spanish Guitar)
Leona Lewis
Norah Jones
Keri Hilson
Pussycat Dolls (Specific song: I hate this part right here)
Changing Faces
Celine Dion (especially: I Drove All Night)
Kavana (Specific song: Will You Wait For Me (In Heaven))
Baby Face aka Kenneth Edmunds
Jon B
Mr. Mister

And just in case you were having a bad day? Here's something to make you laugh. Mad TV spoof or R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet. Please click here.
* - Another language other than english. Song/artists can be found on youtube with english sub titles
**- sings in english as well as another language

And have a lovely, romance filled hump day!
Kadian Tracey


Savanna Kougar said...

Wonderful suggestions, Kadian. Currently I've been listening to women crooners like Eartha Kitt for inspiration on a story I'm wrapping up now.
But, music can definitely make all the difference in mood, the mood you want to express or create.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Great selections, Kadian! Music is a great mood enhancer and creator. I have real favourite pieces I listen to as I write. Thanks for these tips!

Bekki Lynn said...

You're so right, Kadian. Music is the soul's soulmate. It just seems to gravitate to whatever music helps it best unrealizing the inspiration its getting from it. It feeds the muse, I guess you can say.

I have over 5,000 songs from all genre's - but for rap on it's on a drive specifically for music that I bring up on media player. But I write to specific artists.

Thanks for posting. Fabulous post!

LK Hunsaker said...

Hi Kadian, nice mix of music! I also use music for mood but while writing tend to keep it instrumental (I'm easily distracted). For go-get-em scenes, the Pirates soundtrack is good. For love scenes, Mozart or Tchaikovsky. For fun, Celtic. Before writing, though, to help mood, I listen to anything from Nickelback to the Sweeney Todd soundtrack. ;-)

Music and writing, two of my fave topics. Nice post!

Kadian Tracey said...

aww thanks guys