Monday, November 9, 2009

Bound by Erotic Romance

At times, it’s a brow-raising surprise to me how inspiration for a new story comes about. Or, my Muse works in strange and mysterious ways.
My latest WIP, tentatively titled, Mercy is for Sissies, had it’s subconscious-brewing origins in a blog written about men in chains... okay a picture of Kevin Sorbo as Hercules that was featured on the post, was an inspiration unto itself... however, the blog and following comments opened my eyes to how much some readers find men bound by chains erotically sexy.
More recently, this deliciously wicked picture was featured during the Liquid Silver Author’s Halloween blog tour. Again, the comments were revealing and downright motivating.
Thusly, my heroine, Skycat, and her story were born. One of those big color, movie-like scenes formed in front of my mind’s eyes, starring Skycat and the hero. Then, my writing instincts took over.

Flash from my WIP ~ Mercy is for Sissies

Skycat strode down the long ramp of the docking station. She moved at a slower pace than usual, fried and drained from her last assignment, capturing a particularly nasty space raider. Still, her superior senses remained on duty and she recorded everything around her, including the glint of her immediate’s superior’s hovering eye as she called the small sphere device he used like a second pair of eyes.
Darkly amused, Skycat snapped a mocking salute and moved toward her silver flight cycle. If he’d wanted a fast report, Benx would have met her or sent one of his flight pods.

Even with her weariness, adrenaline kept her in its relentless grip and Skycat swung astride the cycle as if off to the races. Not bothering with any protective gear, she anti-graved above the ground, rotated to the air lane that would take her beyond the thriving spaceport city, then zoomed toward her domain located in the red cliffs.
Arcing the aerodynamic cycle above the minimal traffic, she traveled over the latest construction, slender swirling spires that looked like they’d been constructed out of wire. Normally, she would have stopped in for a leisurely meal at her favorite, off-the-beaten track tavern.

But that could get her into the kind of trouble she didn’t want, given her over-taxed body and mind.
Lowering her speed, Skycat leaned forward entering the sparse forest of pine trees, high on the cliff’s time-worn side. She wove an unmarked path through the spindly, yet majestic trees, aware that several pairs of critter eyes watched her as she passed. She didn’t bother identifying them her with her psi-sight. Most of the area’s animals had become used to her living among them. Instead, she inhaled deeply, indulging in the fecund odors of the ground littered with drying pine needles.

The slightly acrid scents of prickly bushes and dry-climate berries drifted around her. Still immature, the berries would soon be a feast for her, the birds and especially, the red-coated small bears. That is, if she wasn’t on assignment, gunning for some bad ass galactic criminal.
In a smooth move, Skycat swerved toward the cave tunnel, short in length, that led inside her abode. Straightening her arm, she shot energy from her palm at the invisible field protecting the entrance, dissolving it. Sliding inside the dim interior, she halted instantly, then swung her leg over the front of her flyer.

Behind her, the barrier restored itself as she landed on the balls of her booted feet.
Skycat had sculptured every inch of her domain, using her energy-force to shape the front entrance of the small cave into her private haven. Knowing the snaking curve of her enclosed stairway, she trotted up rapidly in the semi-darkness, ready for a cold drink, then something to eat. Then the sweetness of sleep.
Entering her food area, she hit the switch that opened her huge skylight. Beams of sienna-colored light poured inward from the lowering sun. Skycat sighed with the relief of being home.

Moving toward her chest-high cooler, also carved out of the rock, she pulled out a bottle of sassafras brew. As she flicked off the old-fashioned lid and took a leisurely sip of the tangy potent liquid, Skycat smelled him. A real man.
Nope, not an android. However, by his scent, he’d been brain-altered enough that he couldn’t use whatever abilities he possessed to harm her. No wonder her psi senses hadn’t clanged a warning. Skycat tipped up another sip as she slowly spun around gazing into her large central room. Sunbeams barely outlined the figure of a man laying prone.

Unmoving, he appeared to have been positioned on one of her lounge chairs. Various scenarios of how and why a man had been placed inside her domain sped through Skycat’s mind as she approached, her tread silent. She certainly hadn’t ordered him. She’d never ordered a man to service her sexual needs.
Of course, it could be one of Benx’s pranks. It’d be like him to place a fake order, then use his access to her abode in this ‘gotcha ha-ha way’. She could imagine him before her mind’s eye now, laughing his skinny hind end off at her expense.

Yep, Benx would be clutching his concave stomach.
It wasn’t her birthday or any other gift-giving occasion, so that probably left her mother out. Besides, her beloved mother would be matchmaking, not sending her a sex-for-the-night gift.
He hadn’t been transported inside her home. Skycat would have seen the residue frequencies and felt them. Only her sister and her best friend, Priov, had the code to enter her front door. Her sister, Lilydragon, wouldn’t have parted with the coin, being ultra careful in her expenses.
Shortly before departing her cruiser at docking, she’d had a long welcome-home chat with Priov.

He’d been on his way out, ready to dine and dance the night away with a new man friend who’d intrigued him with his intellect and, of course, his handsome physique.
Priov swung both ways in the sex department and preferred threesomes. That was one reason their friendship remained strong and had survived since childhood. Sexual attraction never got in the way and their preferences were starkly different. Yet, there was no one Skycat loved more than Priov. If her friend had set up this scenario, he’d have given her a couple of sly hints, urging her to go home.

Whoever the naked man was, at least, he appeared naked from this distance, he’d been elaborately bound, trussed up by the type of soft rope used in playing out erotic fantasies. Sunbeams highlighted the impressive ultra-masculine planes of his torso, buttocks and thighs. Not only that, the reddish light enhanced his skin color, a dark brown with a bronze sheen, the kind of coloring on a man that always tempted her tongue to lap and taste.
Not sensing an ambush, Skycat sauntered closer. With her luck, he’d probably be temporarily neutered, a practice men used to curb their carnal appetites.

Have Wonderful Thanksgiving...
May your most romantic dreams come true...


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Serena Shay said...

~sigh~ I can not wait to read this book, Savanna!! Skycat seems to be a woman after my own heart!

Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us and that picture, whew, I remember that one from the blog tour. Yum!

Bekki Lynn said...


I, too, can't wait to read the whole story.

Keep teasing us. ;)

Lindsay Townsend said...

Wow - what happens next?

What a sensual, erotic tease, Savanna!

You've 'bound' me by your vivid words.

Skycat is a delicious character - can't wait to read more of her.

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena ~ Skycat is larger than life in my writer's imagination and she's about to 'enjoy' a man who is a match for her.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, now all I have to do is continue writing it... always easier said than done... lol

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, okay I know what happens next... up to a point... but they're still getting to know each other in certain... ah, erotic ways.

Kaye Manro said...

Great post, Savanna! I love your work. The space stuff always hits home to me, sci-fi girl that I am!

Nice WIP! It is strange and wonderful how the muse can hit and why for sure.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kaye, thanks, you're a sweetheart.
It is a wonder to behold, at times, the muse... and/or our creativity as writers.
There's magic in the air when we story-tell. I'm convinced of it.