Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer/Winter Book Sale - 50% Off

For the month of July, Smashwords is running a Summer/Winter book sale. Use code SSW50

Cornflower - [NEW RELEASE] - Max and Erin escape to their cabin for a weekend of fun and games. While in the midst of she's injured. Max insists they take a break, but when games resume, the out of control fire within her disallows her to use the safe word. When he sees the tears, off comes mask, the restraints and slave jewelry. Will they be able to get past the betrayal of trust? [BDSM] reg price 1.99 sale price .99

Absentee Love Returns -  Gail Green's world is turned upside down when an alleged mobster gives her an ultimatum, lose her newborn son or follow orders. When they are kidnapped, she has no idea which of the Galletti’s enemies is behind it. [contemporary] reg. price .99 sale price free

Annie and the Young Master - Banished from her home, Lillian Basford picked herself up and set out to start a new life. When Samuel Wadkins came along and gave her a real-life taste of what her dreams with him had teased her with, she became torn between her life as it was and what it’d now become. [spicy historical] reg. price 1.99 sale price .99

Jackie's Boys - Jackie's used to the antics of her husband, Lenny, and his twin brother, Randy, but this time they decided to include her in their latest bet. She had forty-eight hours to figure out which one of them she was married to. However, she decides to turn the game around on them by following through on a long-time fantasy to have both brothers at the same time. [menage a trios] reg. price 1.99 sale price .99

Jewel of the Sun's Blood Destiny - Elan Takoda convinces Cassandra Jones that one night, living the vision they’d both had would rid them of the erotic realism of dreams. But does it? [erotic paranormal]
reg. price 3.99 sale price 2.00

LOVE, Stalker of the Heart - poetry collection - Unrequited love is a timeless expression of soulful love. In this collection of 43 poems, I've written variations of emotions drawn from witnessing the drama. reg. price 1.99 sale price .99

Happy Reading!



Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, what an incredible lineup of books, and what a good opportunity to get the books you've wanted, and to try authors you haven't read before.

Bekki Lynn said...

This is so true, Savanna.

How can one ever choose if they're on a limited book budget? So this is a great opportunity to grab those books you've wanting.

Lindsay Townsend said...

This is excellent, Bekki. I like the fact it's on for a month - lots of buying and reading time.

A perfect 4th July present!

If you want to repost at Lindsay's Romantics sometime, please feel free.

Bekki Lynn said...

I do, too, Lindsay. I've already picked up numerous titles and anxious to read them. My to-be-read pile is so huge.

Everytime I go on a spree, the server sends my husband a message, telling him by drive is almost maxed out. Then I'll sit and read until he doesn't get the daily message. lol Books and photos -- my downfall.