Friday, April 1, 2011

New Release - Absentee Love Returns

Gail Green's world is turned upside down when an alleged mobster gives her an ultimatum, lose her newborn son or follow orders. When they are kidnapped, she has no idea which of the Galletti’s enemies is behind it. [Contemporary, mildly erotic]


“You’re under contract. Don’t forget it!” Vincent Galletti ordered.

“How the hell can I?” Gail swung around to face the horrid man who headed the family. “You people remind me every minute of every day.” He turned and left the room after a long, stare of superiority.

Gail refrained from throwing the glass across the room, drinking from it instead. Yes, she had to honor all parts of the contract forced on her despite the fact Rico could care less about her. Proof of that came months ago when she’d awakened to find him gone from her bed, and no word thereafter despite his professed love.

She walked to the window. The warm rays of the sun of the summer day didn’t penetrate the chill she felt. Ever since Vincent Galletti had walked into her hospital room with a court order to take her son in one hand and an ultimatum in the other, she’d lived with an abnormal since of coldness.

The click of the door caused her back to stiffen in preparation for more hurling words, demands, and threats that she had to bear if she wanted to remain in her son’s life.

Hands came down on her shoulder, and she cringed. He wouldn’t dare try anything here, not in the room next to where his mother lay and his family gathered. The fingers gripped her, but didn’t dig in as she was turned around. A hand slid down her arms while she registered it wasn’t Vicenzo. Lips touched her head, her forehead before she registered the danger and tried to push him away.

Rico’s mouth closed over hers as she opened to protest. Her need for love and comfort won out over the consequences. She gripped his biceps and moved her mouth with his, drowning in the heady scent of soap and peppermint. Tongues danced and she ached to return to the nights where passion drove them into the wee hours of the morning.

He broke the connection, but didn’t move away. “I had to know.”


“We’ll talk.” he whispered then brushed her lips again.

“No…Rico…” She heard the music signaling the start of the service. Panic began to rise, knowing someone would come for her if she didn’t appear. “I must go as you should. I can’t be caught with you.”

“Trust grandmother, no one else,” he whispered, kissed her again and she watched him walk from the room.
Her shoulders slumped. She wanted answers, but was more afraid of them. The confirmation of his running from her bed, to another woman's would be throwing gas on simmering coals of squelched anger and sadness. He needed to keep his secrets.

Secrets, her life had become trapped in them and she couldn’t tell him hers. What his family did was backed by the court system, by money, power, and threats. Not to speak of their disownment of Rico.

“The family has sat,” Vicenzo announced from the doorway.

Gail clenched her jaw and tried to pass by him, but he grabbed her arm. “Don’t do anything foolish.”

She glared at him for several seconds, and then told him, “Don’t touch me.”

“Oh, I will. I’ll do more than touch.”

“And die prematurely?”

He dropped his hand. “Mind your mouth.”

“Go to hell.”

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Linda Banche said...

Sounds great, Bekki. Hope you sell lots!

Celia Yeary said...

BEKKI--very good excerpt. Well written and filled with tension--I enjoyed reading it. Many best wishes for lots of sales. Celia

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, wow, going with the mafia underworld... Like Celia said, good excerpt filled with tension!

May you sell lots.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Linda and Celia.

Savanna, I've always had this fascination with organized crime. Maybe one day, I'll do a full fledged novel about it.