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Shapeshifter Romance ~ White Fang and Pasha Celebrate

Here’s a flash scene, I wrote for the LUCK OF THE IRISH BLOG HOP, starring the heroine and hero of a shapeshifter novella I will be penning for an anthology.

White Fang and Pasha Celebrate

“Talk about wearin’ of the green,” White Fang muttered as Pasha entered the Pleasure Club’s Irish Pub.

The emerald green evening dress clung like a faithful dog. Bad as the spectral, but real Dublin Black Dog, he wanted to lick every nook and cranny -- take his time savoring her juiciness.

Holy hell, no surprise his cock gave a jerky salute beneath the polished wood plank table. To distract himself for a moment, White Fang tipped up his mug of Guinness, and took a deep swallow.

Feck and kiss the blarney stone, he could have poured straight whiskey down his throat, and not burned as much as he did now.

White Fang figured the woman cat goddess owned every carnal hormone rampaging through his body. Lykouz! Worse, he had to resist shifting into a wild wolf beast, and jumping on her statuesque bones. Right here. Right now.


So far, their matings had only occurred in human form, but...and, Pasha’s butt was so round and sumptuous, White Fang dreamed about handling her ass when they weren’t together.

She swayed toward him from across the large room, all sexual grace, and he sure as all hell was going to enjoy the show she put on for him. After all, Z’Pasha, granddaughter of Bastet, was the queen of seduction. In and out of the bedroom.

Slowly, White Fang traveled his gaze from Pasha’s exotic feline face down the column of her lovely neck. Her peridot shamrock earrings dangled, caressing the top of her mostly bared shoulders.

Her voluptuous breasts were confined by the heavy silk of her dress. Still, her aroused nipples pushed at the fabric, begging for the tug of his teeth.

White Fang gripped the handle of his mug hard. Not wanting to shatter it, he set it aside. To torment himself further, he sniffed in her perfumed scent -- woman feline heat mingled with jasmine blossoms.

“Do I have your attention, super dog?”

Like an itch that had to be scratched, her low purring voice scratched his study-ready balls. “Pasha, gorgeous pussy, your jaws are clamped on my attention.”

Knowing she wasn’t finished with him, White Fang waited, his gaze lapping at the revealed swells of her breasts.

She leaned slightly, her breasts subtly jiggling. “Pant, pant, super dog,” she sultrily crooned.

At the same time, she trailed the chiffon silk scarf she carried on his shoulder. Then, like a breathy whisper the scarf brushed his earlobe.

Bending over, his seductress traced the rim of his ear with the point of her tongue. “Leather boots and the scarlet book I magickally sent you?” she asked, her whisper a soft purr.

“In front of the fireplace,” he growled, low and needy.

“Later, if you want my pot of gold and a marathon ride between my thighs...remember, my love wolf.” She paused.

Her fingernail lightly clawed his other earlobe, and White Fang nearly gnashed his teeth. His cock gave a mighty jump, threatening to bust through his old-fashioned leather breeches.

Her lips seized his. All too briefly. With a rub and cuddle of their noses, she straightened.

Waving off his gentlemanly attempt to rise, she moved opposite him, and seated herself. White Fang devoted his gaze to the hump-inspiring slink of her hips.

“Remember?” He raised a brow.

“Do not ask ‘why is it green?’”

Pasha’s wide smile reminded him of the infamous cat who had eaten the cream.

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