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Escape ~ Indulge in an Erotic Romance Novel

Kevin Sorbo as Hercules

Happily Ever After, everyone. I hope the New Year of 2011 is treating you right? And, I hope you’re treating yourself right by reading those romance novels that tingle you the most ~ heart, mind, body and soul *tingle* you.

Escape, that magical feeling when you’re reading a book that carries you away to another world, another time, another place. As human beings, we also use our fantasies to escape. And, as a writer, my fantasies come in darn handy when I’m dreaming up plots for my erotic romance novels.

One of my reoccurring fantasy themes is escaping to a world of real men. Yes, REAL MEN!!!

Okay, I’ve always had this special fondness for the male sex. I don’t mean only as a woman wanting a man. I just like men. I liked hanging out with them. I liked playing sports with them. I liked listening to their stories. Yep, I’ve always enjoyed being around men, unless they got too crude or too into the whole ‘top dog’ thing.

However, these days, where are the real men? Being a baby boomer I’ve seen and experienced a lot in this world. I’ve witnessed and lived the changes. My memory of the events, the times I’ve lived through is as brilliant and sharp as watching a movie.

And, sadly, I’ve watched our culture become what I call ‘wimpified’, in general terms that is, and certainly not on an individual basis. I believe this is one reason there is such a craving for Alpha Heroes and also Alpha Heroines. Certainly, these romance novel subgenres remain a hot trend.

However, let’s get to the fun part. What follows is a flash I came up with around my fantasy of finding real men.

His Pretty Woman

Stopped in her tracks, Shekia stared at the monolithic arches crisscrossing the intergalactic port. When she’d embarked on this all-paid-for vacation she hadn’t expected to face this level of magnificent architecture. There was nothing like it on her world, or the planet-worlds she regularly traveled between as a private courier.

Even the holo travelogue couldn’t do it justice. Unaware she moved at first, Shekia gradually spun around, her gaze fastened on the gigantic sweep of what appeared to be merchant offices inside the arches – given the logos.

“Like what you see?”

The man’s low rumbly voice teased her in a kind, yet provocative manner. Unused to that timbre, Shekia whipped around. The travelogue certainly hadn’t lied about the superior handsomeness she could expect to find.

The man smelled virile. The scent tickling her nostrils juiced her sex, a rare occurrence for her when it came to encounters with the male gender.

In appearance, he reminded her of a golden-maned Hercules. His build was similar to the ‘men of renown’, ancient Earth men who had been the sons of the gods and goddesses.

As a young woman she’d spent much of her day in the Denver International Library studying the recordings of these Herculeses, as she called them. Especially the discs found beneath the paw of the Sphinx.

The ancient tech record had been discovered during the 2020s. Even though, the men of renown had been all too neatly villainized by the accompanying documents, there had been something inside Shekia that questioned, that voraciously hungered. She wanted to know the truth about them no matter what.

Now face-to-face with a man who stood a good foot, and probably more, above her, Shekia tried to get her tongue to work. And dammit! When had her mouth dried up like a desert?

“Why is it so not” she managed in the sexy galactic lingo he’d used. “I mean for a port?”

Taking a step closer to her, his intent gaze never wavered, yet he pointed upward. “Have you noticed the position of our sun?”

Lost in the odd dark amber of his eyes, Shekia shook her head. Then, despite her usual composure in every situation, she bit her bottom lip.

He moved closer, and before she could step back, his huge hands lightly gripped her shoulders. He turned her around so she faced outward.

Her butt grazed his amazingly hard thigh as he drew her against him. The thin, pewter gray fabric garbing his warrior-muscled physique hardly prevented her from feeling what he obviously wanted her to feel.

Shekia followed his hand as he pointed upward. High in the aquamarine blaze of sky, the planet-world’s sun gleamed like an ultra shiny gold disc.

“It is the hour of the midday meal. We take that quite seriously here, pretty woman. I am here because your arrival could be scheduled at no other time.”

“Sorry to inconvenience you,” she murmured, even as her traitorous butt now tingly begged for the touch of his hand. Hell, her whole body hummed with arousal. The image of her with Mr. Hot Hercules’s hands all over her naked body flashed before her mind’s eye.

“You are an inconvenience.” His voice was somewhere between a purr and a growl, and definitely a seduction of her senses. “However, I have made dining arrangements for us.”

Shekia emerged from her stupefied hormonal state. “What are you? Part of the vacation package?”

“I am your vacation package, pretty woman.”

Somehow, he eased her around to face him again. Shekia only knew his hands were on her, commanding her in a way that quantum-leaped her libido.

“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.”

How those inane words had left her mouth, Shekia didn’t know, except she felt at a major disadvantage. For Goddess sake, she already clung to the man’s humongous forearms.

“I am Zolion, a third generation son of the Apollo lineage, as you would recognize it. Yes,” he answered her startled gaze, “we know about your educational study of us. Once a disc is activated we track whoever takes an avid interest.”

Shekia’s stomach somersaulted several times. “What do you want with me?”

His gradual smile warmed her the same way the sun warmed her flesh whenever she laid on the beach...only now it was from the inside out, lust included.

“I want to show you how we vacation here. I want to show you how a man treats his woman.”

Authors, I invite you to share the fantasies that inspire your books.

Readers, what fantasy-escape story turns you on the most?

Happy Romancing in 2011


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Happy Romancing in 2011 ~