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Welcome Cinsearea S. With your love of horror movies, I'm not surprised you've found your passion writing paranormal. Oh, and designing the covers of many. They are fabulous. We're thrilled to you here to talk about interracial relationships, and the writing of them.

Writing interracial paranormal romance was never a big deal for me. Gone *should* be the days where such relationships were considered a sin, illegal, taboo, or were simply unheard of. Unfortunately, there are some people who exist who maintain such an antiquated and outdated mentality, and those that still take a second glance at an interracial couple. I have friends who are either involved in such relationships or are in an interracial marriage, myself included. Why should anyone care about trivial things, such as the color of one's skin when it comes to relationships? The main concern should be how well the couple gets along, their respect for each other, and their love for each other. In short, it shouldn't matter if the person is black, white, yellow, brown, green or purple, as long as they both click. It's all about a spiritual connection; the physicalities are just the asset. We all share the same biology--color should not be a factor in determining who one decides to spend their life with.

Bruce Lee and Linda Emery. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. David Bowie and Iman. Seal and Heidi Klum. These are just a smidgen of couples who have been or are still in interracial relationships/marriages.

For me, writing about such a relationship not only is the norm, but fun. In my stories, my heroine, Christine, is of Hispanic descent while her fiance', Ryan, has British origins. Aside from their vast ages, which would probably spark a lot of comments alone, their contrasts in heritage make for a lot of colorful moments, both funny and loving. My characters are not without the occasional 'second look' or snobbish remark from strangers or associates, and I like to have my heroine give them a little verbal slap-in-the-face from time to time. Each one continually learns something about the other, not to mention their continually growing vampiric powers and abilities, in my dark paranormal romance series "ABRAXAS" (

Remember: Discrimination and hate are taught, not innate. There's enough negativity going on in the world as it is; why add more pointless drivel to it?
Christine Vargas is an independent, young, working-class girl, violently swept into another world--a world deemed unrealistic and impossible by many, a world under the mundane one she is so used to. During her physical transition, she has to come to grips with new powers she has been bestowed, and join up with her new 'Lord', Ryan Price, a gentleman of high social status--and twice her age. Her 'new family' is a motley crew of young vampires, and among the family are two rebellious twins trying to dethrone Ryan and take over the clan with their own legion of bloodthirsty--and drug-hungry--vamps. Only Christine can determine the outcome of the oncoming battle and must chose quickly before the unthinkable happens. This is only the start of the strange, twisted, and mystical life Christine is now a part of, as scarier situations present themselves to her, Ryan, and their delicate ABRAXAS clan---and sometimes, the 'monsters' aren't quite what you'd expect...

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Mistress Rae said...

Thank you again for having me here today, Bekki! It was a pleasure! (^_^)

Bekki Lynn said...

I so agree, Cinsearea.

Relationships should be based on the bond between the two people not their color or orgin.

My great grandparents were an interracial couple, she being Native American and he American. I imagine in those times it was doubly hard for children of such reunions, but my grandfather found my grandmother and they were magic together.

Shaun said...

Perhaps if everyone came from some sort of rainbow background, there'd be no room for racism. I can't stand the continued senselessness of it. It may not be as prominent as it was back in the day, but it still continues, regardless. And I think your series is just awesome, Cin. Can't wait to read the next one in your lineup! :)

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks for a great blog, Cinsearea!

I agree - love is love.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Cinsearea, words of wisdom definitely. Love, the magic of a relationship is what truly matters. It always has.

When I'm observing people, it's always the couples who shine with their fondness and love for each other, or the couples who are lovingly respectful to each other... those are the couples who makes me tear up and glow inside.