Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Is It All In the Kiss?

Kisses are the most wonderful thing. My answer is, it can be. I've seen many of these movies and the scenes never fail to have me holding my breath and melting into a puddle.

I did a search for romantic videos and nearly all the came up revolved around kisses. Wow! I had no idea there was so much interest in kissing that people would make video after video revolving around it. It was fun to watch some of them.

But I chose this Hollywood video to share, because it depicts so many kissing scenes we're all familiar with. However, what I want to know is why wasn't the first kiss between Mary and George [It's A Wonderful Life] included. That scene is the ultimate. Sometimes the emotional waiting, the sensual and desperate need, the struggle of resistance is every bit as hot as the actual kiss.



Celia Yeary said...

BEKKI--yep, it's all in the kiss. Is it difficult for you to write a good kissing scene? It is for me--I work and rework a simple scene like that. Funny, one of the best recent kissing scenes I've seen was in the TV series Friday Night Lights--which practically no one watches outside of Texas--shot in Austin--in the first season 3 years ago. The lead character--the bad boy with long hair--kissed the pretty, good girl cheerleader in the pouring rain--she didn't want to be kissed, but he did it anyway, and then...well, she fell in love. (bad choice for her in the end, but he was a killer kisser.) Celia

Bekki Lynn said...

I've not seen the show. It's getting a lot of hoopla right now. I think it's time slot conflicts with other shows we watch, which is usually the way things go. I normally catch series like that when they are no longer a running series, but long gone and on daytime cable, such as Las Vegas is. So, that said, I'm surprised I'm watching Pretty Little Liars and Melissa and Joey -- that is until the new season of NCIS begins.

As for kissing scenes. It depends on my frame of mind. I often just get the basics down like I do sex scenes. Then I'll go back when I'm alone and completely let the characters take over my mind and body to write it how it should be written. Is it easy for me? Not always. If it's not, then there is something wrong with the storyline somewhere. The place and time might be wrong, or something.

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, the kiss or kissing scenes. At times, they simply flow because my heroines and heroes have led me down the garden path and the words follow... however, there's a been a few times when, yes, even though I could feel and live the scene... writing it so that came across in that way was a whole other matter.

When my dial-up cooperates I'll get to view the vids.

StephB said...

Bekki - Awesome post. I agree - it's all in the kiss. I just watched Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightly on the plane and there's a near kiss in the rain between Darcy and Lizzie and I was yelling (in my head) Kiss him! Kiss him!

Amazing the power a kiss has.

Bekki Lynn said...

Don't you love it when the characters carry you, Savanna?

I love the Gilmore Girls. Some of the vids I watched included Luke and Lorelai and today, I saw a scene that topped it. I'd seen it before and it has to be my all time favorite scene.

It was karaoke night and she was singing 'I Will Always Love You' and in walked Luke - mind you this is after their engagement fell through, and she married Christopher and he walked because he was an immature baby.

The emotions swimming over her face was priceless. You knew exactly when the fun time left and the love poured from her heart and she sang to him.

On his face was pure admiration and love, but there was the moment when it hit him that the words she sang was meant for him. It just makes you all gooey inside -- it actually brings tears to my eyes.

Bekki Lynn said...

I do that a lot, Steph. Even my husband will yell out, kiss her already.

The funny thing is, in most of the videos I watched, it was the girl who made the move. I loved that!

Lindsay Townsend said...

I love kisses, too, Bekki. Great post!

I loved a scene in Boston Legal where Alan Shore and Tara explain those moments beofre the kiss - delicious! (And it was Tara doing the explaining, too.)