Monday, February 22, 2010

Western Erotic Romance ~ A STAGED AFFAIR by Gem Sivad

Romance lovers, this is Gem Sivad’s first book with publisher, Siren-BookStrand. Her other western erotic romance titles are with Liquid Silver Books.

In the mood for one hot-as-fire, give-me-more read, then this is book for you.


by Gem Sivad

Blurb ~

Anna Fuller is a Shakespearean actress touring Texas when rancher, King Colton spots the red-haired vixen playing Lady Macbeth. One look and King’s in love.

King isn’t much for romance and doesn’t know what it will take to make Anna content, but if it takes money, he’s willing to spend a fortune trying.

Anna only wants King’s love, but he’s so busy fighting land-grabbers and taking care of ranch business, he doesn’t see what his lover offers. When Anna leaves him, King moves heaven, hell, and half of Texas too, trying to reclaim Anna before he loses her for good. Sex is the weapon of choice when these two face off in a sheet-scorching showdown.


She’d been without King too long. She missed him terribly at first. But then there were other things, important business, to distract her from the want. By the end of her lonely seclusion, she almost convinced herself the madness of desire she remembered had never been that strong.

Now here he was, proving her self-delusion wrong. Once again, her body was liquid heat reaching for satisfaction only he could provide. He was crazy hot for her, too, but at the same time determined to take charge of her life.

I will never let that happen again.

“You have no right.” She got that far with her declaration when he lifted his head and glared at her. She admired the rough planes of his face and adored his gruff assertion at the same time she bristled against his claim.

“The hell you say. I have every right. You’re mine.”

He was furious. She knew he would be. She told Tommy she would just sneak back into town and leave again the back way so King would never know she’d come and gone.

Of course, she planned every possible scenario that might happen if and when they did meet. She had a lot of friends in town, but he had a lot of money, power, and when he needed it, charm. He was still spouting his I am God nonsense, and she listened with half interest.

“Where have you been? Don’t feed me a line of bullshit. I already know where you haven’t been—here, with me, where you’re supposed to be.”

He was merciless in his torture, bringing her to the quivering pinnacle of orgasm before he paused to ask each question. Anna’s belly, womb, pussy, ass, and lungs coiled tighter each time he promised, teased, withdrew, until her body threatened to burst into flames.

Then he pushed her thighs wide open and buried his face again in her folds. She needed it.She needed him now. Every nerve ending in her body screamed. She panted an explanation. “The show closed, we followed the drum and went to Fort Laramie. I was there.”

“Lie number two.” He looked up and intoned righteously as though he was God Almighty. “I sent the same man to Laramie when the trail pointed that way.”

He stopped to nip her thigh. His tongue teased a trail of sensation across the sensitive crease of her leg, almost close enough to touch her pearl.

“It was a slow season…” She couldn’t keep the desperation from her voice. “We lost the props, the show wagon broke an axle, we were stranded…”

“Lies, lies, lies.”

As usual he was so busy pointing out her sins she outwitted him. She swiveled her hips and swiped her clit against his moving lips, and it was enough. Prickles of ecstasy fired her body.

“Yesss,” she screamed triumphantly and started an orgasm that rolled from the tips of her well manicured toes to her lustrous red hair. Even her earlobes seemed to pulse and vibrate.

“This isn’t over,” King Colton promised, raising to his knees to slam his cock so deep in her clenching pussy he fulfilled her request. She could taste him, and he was the most exotically delicious dish she would ever have. She reminded herself of that as she savored deep, partaking of her last meal.

She adored him and she’d never get over him, and that was the right way to feel about the love of her life. Just like Desdemona, Cleopatra, and Juliet, she was destined to have a tragic love, but she’d be damned if she’d end up an old woman living out of a stage suitcase.

So, this was it. He pulled her head against his shoulder to stifle her ecstatic shriek even as his chest rumbled with the laughter she loved to call out of him. “Christ, girl, they’ll think I’m killing you.”

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Gem’s western-sensual fabulous cover art is from cover artist is Amanda Kelsey ~ ~

Gem Sivad has received outstanding reviews for INTIMATE STRANGERS and WOLF’S TENDER. She’s fast becoming a leading author in Western Erotic Romance for good reasons. Her stories are gritty, realistic about those historical times. However, that feeling of sweep-you-away romance prevails.
Gem also realistically portrays the relationship between a man and a woman. Yet, love always wins out, the hearts of her hero and heroine exposed to each other, in that Happily Ever After we all want and crave.
Oh, and talk about scorching passion... yeehaw! Saddle up for the long hot ride.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Hi all, thought I'd post Gem's latest release... just in case anyone is looking for something scorching HOT to read during our cold weather.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hot, sweet and sensual. Yummy! Lovely, Savanna and Gem!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey, Lindsay, thanks for coming by.
Kisses and angelic sweetness coming your way.

Serena Shay said...

Thanks, Savanna! Gem's stories are indeed scorching and a treat to read!

Gem Sivad said...

I will say it again. You are the most generous author I know. I am overwhelmed at the praise that you give me.

Thanks Savanna,

gem sivad

Savanna Kougar said...

Gem, just keep doing those wonderful westerns you do.

Yeehaw smooch sent your way.