Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh, the Memories

On Facebook the other day, the sister of a friend of mine posted a little dilly for everyone to repost. She finds these little fun things for all to do and they are a hit. This particular one was to post an older photo of you with your SO/spouse and date your relationship.
Another, a guy, posted wanting everyone to name their favorite Led Zepplin song and why.

Oh, the memories these two posts brought up.

My husband and I met when I was sophomore in high school, he a junior. We had gym class at the same time - not yet co-ed, but neither of us enjoyed the crowded locker room at the end of class. So, we'd stay out on the floor and play basketball. He doesn't recall this, but it's one of my favorite memories. You see, I've always been a Tom Boy and grew up playing Cowboys & Indians; army, built tree houses, baseball, did anything and everything the boys in the neighborhood could do. This was my first experience playing basketball with a boy. The one-on-one play with him showed we were an even match - we had a competitive chemistry. He gave me a work-out the girls didn't, which was why I turned down a spot on the girl's school team. Girls weren't supposed to be all that competitive and this quiet-shy girl was ruthless when it came to sports.

This photo I ended up posting was taken two years later, my senior prom. Oh, we were so young and thin then. See that lack of chemistry -- didn't last long. lol
While we had occasion to see one another many times before, nothing was ever said. He was dating a friend, engaged to her for a short while, in fact. Till this day, we call her his other wife and our sons call her mom. We'd double-dated on occasion, but it never once entered my mind that he was cute, likeable in the girl-boy way; I never gave him a thought other than the basketball games we had.

When prom came around and I'd not accepted any invitations to attend, my friend insisted I must go. Since my two-year relationship with a guy had ended months earlier, I wasn't the least bit interested in seeing anyone else. Well, she decided her ex would be the perfect remedy for me. I resisted and he was the one who talked me into going.

I could say the rest is history, but why leave the fun out. The chemistry we had playing basketball returned on the dance floor, but differently. Most would say it was the occasion, rebound issues for both of us; seeing my ex with someone else and a host of other reasons. But I honestly do not remember who attended, who the DJ was, the theme of the dance - who was crowned King and Queen - much to a friends displeasure since she was Queen. It was like a cloud formed around us and no one, nothing else mattered. Something happened during Led Zepplin's Stairway To Heaven - two hearts litterally collided and being 17 & 19, clear headedness isn't there. I think back on it and I should really feel remorse, shame and embarrassment for the public display of what was happening to us, but I don't. It didn't matter then that we were nearly kicked out of my prom, and now I look back on it with a smile. ;) Back then, it was frowned on to have no light between bodies on the dance floor, kissing was a major offense -- hand-holding was barely tollerated, so it wasn't like we were really going at it like your minds might interpret. lol

We did not attend the after prom party, nor the class the party the following day. Instead, we spent the night together, ok - now I should clarify. While we did go back to his place and things did get hairy for me, we stopped it before it got out of hand and returned my friends house where we spent the night playing games and watching television. The day after, we spent the day at the zoo, enjoyed a nice picnic on the cloudy day - it was perfect. It was the best twenty-four hours I'd had in so long.

Two weeks later, he dumped me to go to a concert with a friend of his and two other girls. I was stunned, hurt and moved out of town right after graduation.

He was in my soul and I couldn't forget him. My girlfriend, his ex, listened, consoled and did what any friend would do. She called him names and we male-bashed though we both knew neither of us meant a word of it.

Finally, I called him - it seemed like ages, but in fact was only two weeks. He confessed to being terrified of me, what he was feeling, what I made him feel. He apologised profusely, begged me to forgive him. What girl could resist?

Now, I can say the rest is history.

We married less than two months later on August 12, 1977, my eighteenth birthday. Which has it's own story as to why we married that day. Love you, daddy.

We're best friends, we like each other, we love each other and that is so much more than many other couples could hope for.

We do so many neat things for each other all throughout the year that it's really hard to top it for Valentine's Day. We've had many traditions, rendezvous, special dinners, secret get aways, daily giving of cards; surprising everyone with a Valentine box full of goodies.

This year, I'm happy to just be with him, have here with me. Dinner, cards, even the bottle of his favorite wine I have hidden until tonight is icing.

And being the sentimental creature -- it fills my heart to overflowing to see my sons carrying on what they've learned from living with their parents. No one could ask for more. Today, our baby, our sixteen year old is cooking his first Valentine dinner. I still can't believe he came to me the other day and told me his intention. Wow!
May your day be filled with love, kisses and a future of heart-filled memories.



Linda Banche said...

A great story, Bekki. Happy Valentine's Day.

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Bekki, now that's a love story!!!
It does my heart good in so many ways.

Thanks for sharing.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Linda and Savanna. We do cherish what we have.

It's been a lovely day together doing what we often don't get to do together and that's watch old classics.

Celia Yeary said...

BEKKI--and that's the way love is. You're in a little cloud or haze of thrall--if I could convey this in my books better, I might be a best-selling author. such a wonderful story--congratulations on your good fortune! Celia

Lindsay Townsend said...

Wow - what a superb story, Bekki! Many congratulations and happy valentines!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thank, Lindsay!

Celia -- I think we all strive to find that special chemistry between our characters. Like real life, it works in different ways.

My mother-in-law has a saying -- why ruin two relationships when they work so well the way they are?