Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Kiss is Just a Kiss, or is it?

Given that kissing is one of my all-time favorite activities, penning romance stories has its delightfully vicarious moments and scenes. And a kiss is never just a kiss.
I admit it. I’m definitely a kiss fanatic. I don’t care if it’s a sweet little peck from a friend or my parents, I adore it. Just as I adore a deep passionate kiss that gets the ole love motor revved up.
Yes, I could kiss for hours and I’ve done it on occasion ~ wonderful ecstatic yes-yes occasions... not nearly enough of those occasions, but that’s life.
There are, at least, a thousand and one ways to press, to pucker, then to kiss. There are open-mouth kisses and french kisses, nibbling kisses and battle-of-the-allstars tongue kisses.
If I could, I would sample kisses the way some people sample wine. Instead of a wine-tasting tour a gourmet kissing tour. Line up those men and let’s have a taste of those virile eager lips.
I ask you, what’s not to love about that idea?
Oh! I know, how about a Love Boat kissing cruise?

Warning: the above *flights of kissing fancy* are only recommended for the single’s crowd.

Here’s the *first kiss* between Kalypso and Zryphus in MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS, my 2051 futuristic that takes place on the risen land of Atlantis.
Kalypso is the Sheriff of New Atlantis and Zryphus is an OtherWorlder, who works as a Fed Agent, the old USA.
The 13th murder victim of the Hair Spray Killer occurs in New Atlantis, where murder is rare. Zryphus has been the lead investigator on the case. To prevent the serial killer’s next murder, Kalypso and Zryphus come to a professional understanding about tracking him down.
Zryphus has come to his own understanding. He’s finally found the woman he wants as his wife.
Kalypso has sworn off all men. And she means it.

Kalypso took her time as she moved toward the scowling, pondering and mountainous Fed Agent. “Know anything about a diary?” she whispered, keeping her eyes locked and loaded on his. “Neglect to tell me something?”

“I knew she claimed to have found a celebrity’s diary. Thought it might be her own ‘memoirs’. Or that it belonged to one of her lady-of-the-evening friends. You know, reveal all for enough cashola.”


“What’s in the diary?”

“You tell me. She had the handwriting analyzed.”

His gaze leapt, then darkened with surprise. “Missed that angle,” he admitted.

“Give me your ear, Agent.” Kalypso toyed with him,imitating a woman’s provocative promise.

Zryphus stared hard for a brief moment, then turned his ear toward her lips. “Jackie O’s diary. The real thing. Supposedly. Don’t look shocked,” she cautioned as he started to jerk his head around. “We want to keep this a secret. For as long as possible...don’t you think, Agent?”

Her nearness brutally tempted him. “Yeah, the smart move.”

Gods of Mating, she was cream and flame gorgeous. Feeling like a nova sun inside, Zryphus grabbed the back of his woman’s head. He whipped her down to him, her stunned face beneath his. His passion like lava, he arched her over his lap, her mouth beneath his mouth. He kissed her, plundering her warm perfect lips for a long time.

Completely dazed—the scene of Rhett Butler forcefully kissing Scarlett playing in her head—Kalypso didn’t move, even when his mouth released hers. Not at first. Then she whirled, angry as a full-blown tornado. Her fist aimed for his jaw. His hand shot up, halting her punch just before it landed.

Cupping her fist with his mitt-like hand, he held gently.

“Superior reflexes, Sheriff,” he softly growled. His darkened sapphire eyes gleamed with appreciation.

“Yeah...always had ‘em. Cad,” she evenly replied, her underlying tone deadly as a rattlesnake. Who cared if his kiss still sizzled her lips.



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

~~~ Kalypso & Zryphus invite you to read their love story ~ a match made in intergalactic heaven ~~~

MURDER BY HAIR SPRAY IN GARDENIA, NEW ATLANTIS ~ 2051 suspense futuristic, erotic romance ~ American Title IV finalist ~ One hundred years later Sheriff Kalypso despises relationships. Zryphus has found his one woman. The Battle of the Sexes begins. Rising from Siren-BookStrand ~ the future begins here... ~ In Print soon ~ ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Summer smoochies ~

Francesca Prescott said...

Scorching, swoony summer smoochies, my dear Savanna! And with a giggle thrown in for good measure. But then again, I wouldn't have expected anything less from you!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Yummy excerpt, Savanna! Utterly delicious! And the Rhett Butler/ Scarlet picture and ref are perfect!

Thank you!!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Yummy excerpt, Savanna! Utterly delicious! And the Rhett Butler/ Scarlet picture and ref are perfect!

Thank you!!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Savanna - no idea why my previous comment posted twice. Sorry about that.

Savanna Kougar said...

Francesca, don't you just love all the different ways a kiss or kissing comes about?
Just like your jellyfish scene...
and Lindsay's shy kiss...

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, thank you! I couldn't resist Scarlett and Rhett.

Blogger/Google and the internet are hiccuping big time!

LK Hunsaker said...

"sample kisses the way some people sample wine" -- What a wonderful thought!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi LK, yeah, that would be a fun scene to pen... course, a real life experience would be even more fun.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Wowsa! What a kiss - and what a reaction! I especially love your dialogue, Savanna, really punchy stuff. (in more ways that one, lol!) Fab!

Jane x

Savanna Kougar said...

Jane... yeah, Kalypso and Zryphus aren't afraid to take the gloves off, or leave them on.


Bekki Lynn said...

Oh, Savanna, I love simple kisses full of rich emotion that leaves the heroine swooning.