Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hey everyone! It’s good to be back here, and to be a part of Kiss Week here on the HEA blog…

Kisses, wonderful kisses – the “tell-all” beyond-the-words moments that are the “sticky stuff” of all romances! Nothing says “everything” by saying nothing at all quite like a kiss. We read avidly, waiting for the first, hold our breaths through the almost moments, sigh with relief when it finally happens… Somehow, the kiss has the power to sweep away the surface stuff and reach deep within. A bit like soul-talking, beyond the here and now and onto a much deeper level of connection. Romance just wouldn’t be the same without it.

It’s also a way of exploring, of characters stepping beyond the boundaries and adventuring in unknown territory, of raising questions and finding answers in the simplicity or the complexity of the moment and the emotions it arouses.

In The Look, Morgan is swept into an unfamiliar place of simple truth that challenges her preconceived ideas and theories and has her questioning everything she has believed most of her life. Confronted by complications and conflicting emotions, she struggles through the process of having her life stripped, layer by layer, until she is at a place where she has to redefine her beliefs and convictions. Blake, with his uncanny ability to see through to the heart of her, recognizes that and instinctively knows her deep personal struggle. But the reassurance of his strength and insight also presents a whole new set of conflicts…

“You’re confusing me.” It sounded petulant, but it was true. He was confusing her, not by being confusing, but by upturning all her thoughts, her rules, and her foundations.
He reached out, gently cupping her face in his hands so she was forced to look at him. “I’m not trying to do that. I’m trying to reach you. Somewhere inside is a woman of sensitivity, passion, and strength. A woman who feels things in a way that is all-consuming and all-embracing.”
“Now you’re confused,” she said, husky and uncertain because the look had appeared, slowly devouring the ability to reason and resist.
“No. And nor are you. Not really. You’re just afraid of it, because it’s so much bigger than the person you’ve trained yourself to be. But we can fix that.”
“We can?” It slipped out, barely a whisper, a faint, wondering thing that seemed lost before even being spoken. She hadn’t meant to say it, because in that moment she wanted him. The thought in itself was a sign of an unfamiliar gathering need and she didn’t want him to know. “How?”
“Like this.”
His kiss, calculated and gentle, became more demanding, a drawing, deepening thing that both assaulted and aroused, teased and compelled,eroding everything but the completeness of the moment. Relentless, with a knowledge and power that came from some deep and ever-growing thing, he brought her senses to that place where suddenly, in a moment, nothing mattered but the touching, and owning, and the holding of him.
Incredibly, the tears spilled, rolled unnoticed down her cheeks, became a hot salty taste that seemed somehow part of the tide of emotion that swept through her. Shaking, her knees weak with the heat his nearness stirred up, Morgan reached to steady herself against him, drawing his strength into her trembling so she felt held just by the nearness of him.
Then, reluctantly, slowly, he moved away.
“Goodnight, Morgan.”
He was gone. She stood, staring with wide, unseeing eyes into the darkness, wondering at the sense of loss and regret that engulfed her.

Voted LASR’s Book of The Week, The Look is a life story and a love story, and its kisses won’t disappoint! “Unpredictable and engaging from the start, "The Look" is a page turner.” (To see the full review, click here).

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations on winning BOOK OF THE WEEK with THE LOOK, Judah! Reading that tingling, tough-yet-tender excerpt, I can understand why you won it!

Super kiss and interesting blog overall. I agree about a kiss taking it 'to the next level' in any relationship.

LK Hunsaker said...

"soul-talking" - I love that phrase used to describe a kiss!

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah, Jude, a compelling kiss that brings forth life rather than diminishing it.

Absolutely loved your excerpt.

Congrats on BOOK OF THE WEEK!

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Jude, I absolutely loved the line about how 'in a moment, nothing else mattered...' Just beautiful. :) Lovely excerpt.

Jane x

Francesca Prescott said...

"...eroding everything but the completeness of the moment". I love this description.

Congratulations on winning LASR Book of the Week! Well deserved :)

Bekki Lynn said...

"Shaking, her knees weak with the heat his nearness stirred up, Morgan reached to steady herself against him, drawing his strength into her trembling so she felt held just by the nearness of him."

Potent kiss, Jude -- this description is kiss-perfect.