Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm Shameless...

I remember the first time I heard the Garth Brooks song, still gives me goosebumps. However, I'm going to do a little shameless promo here-not give you my rendition of his song. You don't want to hear that, believe me. lol

Last Glass of Wine is the second story in my Servin' It Up series, but it's more than just a story. It was inspired from a real life incident that shook me up. Till this day, I have no idea why. I've lost co-workers before. In the food service business, they come and go like ants who weren't invited to the picnic.

It went through many revisions to remove the real-life things that I felt were too telling, not only about the people I worked with , but myself. Still much came through. The realism of the work place, the atmosphere and most of all - human nature and how it twists your emotions and mind into knots.

I've had many wonderful reviews on this book. This latest review is very precious to me and not because I was given a wonderful rating, but because it was an unsolicited review. And yes, it came from a man. This always puts a silly grin on my face. I've heard from several men who've read my books and loved them - but I never get tired of hearing from another one.

Title of Book: Last Glass of Wine
Author: Bekki Lynn
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-60601-050-6
Length: 102 pages
Heat Level: Scorching
Rating: 4 Roses

Last Glass of Wine by Bekki Lynn is a pleasure to read. This erotic romance is twisted around Lana, a server at Rogan's Steakhouse, and her boss Cole. Though being a good team at their workplace, everything seems to get extremely complicated the moment things start to get emotional between them. And isn't that just like in real life?

The thing that is quite unique about Last Glass of Wine is its realism. During the evolving love story of the two main characters the reader also gets an in-depth look into the restaurant business. And this realism draws the reader right into the story, right into Rogan's Steakhouse to witness the emotions and the intimacy between Lana and Cole taking place while taking orders and getting out the food.

What didn't feel right with me when reading this book were some of the scenes were Lana and Cole got into a fight with each other. I was sometimes thinking that it just isn't possible that he or she has misunderstood that or that he or she is acting that stupid, sometimes to the point where it became frustrating to read on.

Altogether Last Glass of Wine is a well balanced erotic romance with refreshingly natural characters and some very hot sex scenes. And you might even learn a thing two about the restaurant business. ( )
shoganrea Apr 12, 2009

Here's a little excerpt:

She reached up to fuss, and the stretch tightened her slacks, pronouncing the path to the place he wanted to thrust his hard cock into. She came down a step, and his eyes met hers in the mirror. For a few seconds she didn’t move and he didn’t speak. He realized it was the first time they’d seen one another since he’d followed her home. His eyebrows rose. He wondered if she was still pissed at him.
Lana stepped down onto the floor and came toward him. “Thank you.” She took the box from him and opened it.
He remained near the door, not trusting himself to be near her. It would be so easy to pull the door shut and ravish her. But he couldn’t. He’d be gone in ten days and didn’t want to deal with the attitude she’d give him. “Is there anything else you need?” The lid on the box stopped in mid-removal as her eyes closed. “Lana.”
She set the lid aside and stared down at the carnations as she spoke to him. “I need the box of mini vases from the office.”
“What about the buffet table? Do you want it set up now or when you come back?”
“It can wait until I return. I want time to shower and change into a cocktail outfit.”
The look of regret on her face said she didn’t meant to give him the image of her naked, wet and hot, but he didn’t need help. He shoved his hands in his pockets. “Tell me what you need done, and I’ll see it’s done. It’ll give you plenty of time to…a… get ready.”
“No, this is something I need to do myself.” She faced him with a red carnation in her hand. He’d always wondered what she’d look like in red. It was beautiful against her fair skin.
“I’ve known the Switzers all my life and have been doing their reunions since I turned twenty-one.”
Her voice softened, as it always did when she felt comfortable with a topic. To him, it only drew him closer. She lifted her face when he stopped in front of her.
“They’re very appreciative of the extra time I put in and tip over and above—”
“Lana, you’re rambling,” he whispered. Her eyes moved over his, and he balled his hands up. “There are reasons we can’t fool around.”
“Yes. I have work to do, and you need to get the vases for me.”
Before he consciously thought of the movement, he reached out and ran his finger along her jaw line and over her lips. “No. Yes, I’ll get them, but I don’t want you to get hurt—and you will.”
“I would have thought with two days off, you would have completely forgotten…what I’d said…did.” She turned away from him and laid the flower down on the table.
Forgotten how she felt in his arms—not hardly. “I’ll be back with the vases.”
It’d only taken a few minutes to walk back to get the box. When he returned to the banquet room, her ass stuck in the air as she bent to retrieve some greenery from the floor. “Damn it, Lana!”

Mark at Book Cove Reviews once said that what he likes about my books is the unexpected turn of events. Just when you think you know what's going to happen and how it's going to end -- I twist it. Ok, so I was paraphrasing. Mark is a wonderful man and I wish he'd hurry up with his book. Hint, hint.

I'm not afraid to admit the story does have a sappy happy ending. I'm sitting here with watery eyes and a silly grin on my face just thinking about it. When I'd come to a roadblock as far ending the story, completing the union between them, I had to step back and watch them lay it out.

You know how new relationships are on fire and then, bam, things seem to settle and life mellows and you're both on the same path, together. That's what happened. They fell into place and gave me a tear-jerker of an epilog.

Last Glass of Wine is available at most venues, but here's the link for purchase at the publisher - Siren Publishing .

Thanks for reading.




Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, I luv an honest review, even if it isn't all good.

Shhhh... a little secret, and I hope you don't mind I did this... but in Insatiable Dark there a sex scene in the kitchen between Zent and Wendy... and she tells him to 'stir her pot' like the couple did it in the movie... SERVIN' IT UP... 'course, I was thinking of your series.

Bekki Lynn said...

lol - safe with me.

He's gives me insight to yet, another male mind. So, I love it.

And I forgive his state of denial in that some of his species as well as ours isn't always so snazzy - they do stupid stuff when they're heated, wanting the forbidden and running on fear of rejection.

I love his honesty and appreciate his eye on my work. He's from Germany as well. Different culture.

I'm hyped on his review for all the above reasons.

It takes so little to put a smile on my face today. Who knows why. lol

Linda Banche said...

Very nice review. Congratulations.

Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, there is a cultural difference. And you're right. We human beings aren't above doing immature things or not that smart things when our buttons get pushed, or we're really emotional over a situation.
Heck, I've done some really dumb things!!!

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Linda.

Bekki Lynn said...

I know what you mean, Savanna. Some things I've done still make me hang my head in shame and embarrassment, but we learn to live with it. Life's lessons.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Excellent review, Bekki! Many congratulations!