Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Escaping into Romance

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For the longest time I never considered reading fiction books and romance novels to be an escape from reality. I simply read because that was my passion. I wanted to live the adventure... live the story. I wanted to feel the romance and the happy ending to my innermost core.
It wasn’t until I took literature classes in college that such reading was considered to be a form of escapism. Given the trial and tribulations of life we all go through and endure to the best of our ability, I now fully understand the need to escape into a good read. Do I ever understand!
That is also one of my joys as a writer, I get to lose myself inside the story as I create it, as it spins and spills from me like the best magic... at least, part of the time. Sometimes, it’s like pulling hen’s teeth.
Since I’m feeling that deep need to escape by penning a romantic scene I thought I would add to a scene I began and posted on the Happily Ever After blog last January 21, that would be about five months ago. Wow, the time flies... well, there must be a hole in the time continuum.

Romance’s Red Ribbon ~


Light my loin’s fire,
Red is the color of my desire.
Let’s wing our love higher.
Come, take my breast, my Sire.
To ignite my most savage fire,
Taste my nipples to your desire,
Stoke my passions, take me swiftly higher...
Make them red as berries, my Princely Sire....
O, yes, I beg, tease my nether petals to a fierce needy fire
For you, bring me beneath your throbbing blade, soar us both to red’s most blistering desire...

Kyzaira sighed to the depths of her heart, and felt it flutter within her breast. She’d only meant to pen a few lines of fanciful thought. Yet, there it was, her heart and her desire spilled from her red ink pen onto parchment. Disbelievingly, she stared for a moment. How? When had she become so carried away? Some fair time ago, she had settled at her desk for the purpose of sending a message of polite regard, to be handed to the regional Prince, upon his annual arrival to their realm, as was her social duty. Instead, her folly of feeling, her romantic daydreams had won out, upon thinking of the Prince’s bold visage, often compared to the hunting ferocity of a falcon.

Drawing forth another parchment, Kyzaira poised her proper pen ~ the red ink a shade nearing the ruby glints in wine. She sighed at the dreariness of the message she was supposed to write. With her head propped up on one hand, she forced the words upon the page. It sustained her soul that she decided to continue loosing her true desires on the red-scrolled leafs of her journal. She straightened, sighing with longing and regret. About to replace her pen, a rush of wind from her balcony snatched at the two parchments, sweeping them onto the floor, out of reach.

At the same moment Bellari, her delivery dove, landed before her. Bellari cocked her sweet head with expectation and extended one creamy-colored wing, impatient to be on her way. “As you wish,” Kyzaira crooned, stroking her feathers with a single fingertip. Bending over, she swiftly recovered the parchments. Kyzaira placed them before her and plucked up the red ribbon tie. Uncurling one, she blew a breath of relief at seeing it was the correct message. With practiced ease she rolled the small piece of parchment tight. Securing it neatly with the red ribbon, she hooked it onto Bellari’s leg band.

Kyzaira cupped her palms for Bellari, then gently carried her to the flight window. After pressing a delicate kiss on the dove’s head, she launched her into the air. The natural updrafts beneath the window assisted the fleetness of her beating wings and she soared ever higher, vanishing within the rose-tinted sunbeams. Dancing her steps, Kyzairia whirled, returning to her desk. “Oh, no,” silently fell from her lips as she glimpsed the darker red ink. Rapidly, she uncurled the parchment. Her heart landed on her toes, then beat with a terrible ferocity. Somehow, her impassioned poetry flew to the Prince.


Savanna Kougar
~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Author of ~
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Savanna Kougar said...

Romantic kisses...

Lindsay Townsend said...

A dreamy, romantic scene, Savanna! I love your ongoing fiction flash: it's so sensual and playful and vivid. The whole blog really perked up a drab, grey day for me. Thanks!

Bekki Lynn said...

oh, I love it. I hope you'll post more - but don't wait another five months. ;)

I've never thought of reading as an escape -- it's something I enjoy doing, something that makes me feel good. A way to make new friends.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, thank you. It perked me up when I wrote it.

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, thanks... I'd luv to write more on it... time simply escapes!

Yeah, I'm with you the pure enjoyability of reading.

Although, these days, it's also an delicious escape.