Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Romancing the Heavenly Stars in Blue

I was commissioned to do this painting showing a very Earth-like planet near some blue stars. Globular star clusters are usually made up of very ancient stars and tend to be yellowish in colour, however on this occasion I was asked to paint a swarm of sapphire-like stars. The planet seems to be floating on the canvas while the eye is drawn to the dense cluster of stars. ~ Richard Bizley ~ ~

Because I’ve never been a big fan of April Fool’s Day, you won’t get your sniggering laugh here. Not that I haven’t been a witness to, and a victim of a really good April Fool’s *I gotcha*. In fact, last April 1, George Noory, host of Coast-to-Coast am, nighttime radio, told a whopper of a tale about finding a baby T-Rex in the Australian badlands. His skill at pulling off the playful deceit was impressive, and for months after people would call into the show asking for an update on that crypto zoological *news story*. No, that one didn’t get me.
Instead on this first day of April, my Spring mood runs to romance, so I finished a scene between Lady Sheridan and Baron Zaggry, their first meeting. Since I began their love story ten years later in ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE, it’s a special delight to write about the beginning of their courtship.
I had originally planned to use the scene on Valentine’s Day for promo. That didn’t happen because of other author-type busyness. However, ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE is my first contracted story, so I thought it fit this number one day.

Heavenly Stars in Blue

Sher & Zag ~ First Meeting

Lady Sheridan gazed down at the man who dared stride in front of her mare, her blood blue-boiling. She had been on her way to the show ground’s stable with the intention of overseeing the care of her horses. Easily handling Bellesza’s fractious dancing steps, she kept the bold-spirited mare calm enough.
“Sir, you are in my path. Remove yourself immediately.” If she could have, Sher would lashed the arrogant oaf with the bluefire words of her temper.
“I will always remain in your path, Lady Woadeir.”
Eyes of icy green smoldered upon her face. Sher drew in a soft rush of breath before she realized it, yet stifled the urge to toss her loosened hair. The tawny and russet-maned man appeared familiar to her eye. Most probably one of the Royals she cared little for, the ones who always blue-cooled her mood to a cold disinterest.
“Remove yourself. Or I will be tempted to allow Bellesza her striking hoof.”
Instead of obeying, the impudent Royal languidly gripped the rein near her mount’s bit, gaining control, unless Sheridan commanded her mare otherwise.
“I am Baron Zaggry, most beautiful woman. I will immediately remove myself once you agree to accompany me this very evening.”
Sheridan knew why women fell at the Baron’s perfectly booted feet in erotic surrender, as she’d heard tell in the salons. Beyond his obvious handsome features, it was his tone, smooth and splendid as gold-blue brandy. Yet, his voice, was also rough and ruthless as a cougar’s rumbling purr.
He would give a woman smooth and splendid passions. He would give her rough and ruthless lust.
Sheridan knew she paused too long. “No, I decline. I am otherwise engaged, Baron.”
He paused as well, his gaze falcon-trained on her face. “Heavenly stars in blue.”
His sincere wooing spiraling-jolted her middle, and caused Sheridan to lean back a bit on her spare saddle. Alert now, Bellesza stood patiently, her interest captured by the Baron.
“Your eyes, Lady Woadeir. I wondered at their color.” He took a step closer, keeping hold of the rein. “Heavenly stars in blue and turquoise, I see now.”
“Your compliment is kind, Baron. Yet, I must decline. I have no desire--"
“You will,” he interrupted, brave as a rutting stallion. “You will desire my escort and my company, Lady Sheridan.”
“I gave you no permission to address me with such intimacy.” Sheridan glared for good measure, her own haughtiness a thin veil over her ire, now rising swift as a wind-fed wildfire.
“No, you did not.” A grin tugged at one corner of his mouth.
Sheridan swallowed down a flare of desire. His lips were sensually carved, reminding her of her kiss-erotic daydreams as a girl becoming a woman. A man’s mouth had always gained her notice.
“I must earn your forgiveness, Lady Woadeir. May I escort you to this night’s Blues Festival?”
Though, his gaze remained glittering-intense, still, a gentleman’s seduction owned the depths of his ice-pale green eyes. In that moment, Sheridan lost her battle to deny him if...
“I shall meet you, Baron Zaggry, at the plaza dance floor. If you partner me in a way that pleases me, I will allow your escort for the evening.”
His eyes darkened for an instant, surprise flickering over the pale facets. He smiled, a cougar’s smile of temporary acceptance.
“Of course, I will be honored to earn my escort of you, Lady Woadeir. May I inquire, what will be the time of your arrival?”
Their game of courtship had begun. Sheridan flashed a wickedly teasing smile at him, her own satisfaction in play.
“I shall arrive at my pleasure, Baron.” His stunned gaze was priceless, indeed worth a handful of gold-laced lapis lazuli. “Perhaps, you will consider pleasing my feminine eye by wearing faded blue jeans.”
Releasing her mare’s rein, he stepped closer, his gaze enigmatic. “Lady Woadeir, to please you, I would wear nothing but my golden hide, with an impressive display of the family jewels.”
She glimpsed the private triumph of his grin before he bowed slightly, and pivoted from her.
“Dangerous,” she murmured to Bellesza. “A most dangerous man-animal. That is obvious as the leisurely spin of our azure diamond stars.”

For the blue-green horse lands of Spring....
Lady Sheridan & Baron Zaggry invite you to read their love story ~
ALL SHADES OF BLUE PARADISE ~ an aristocratic fantasy of fiercest passion ~ *5 Stars* from ReviewYourBook ~ available from Siren Publishing ~ ~
An Author Discovery by Lindsay Townsend ~ ~

Note: No, Zorro is not forgotten and will be presented in an upcoming blog.

Happy Spring
May your most romantic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance


Savanna Kougar said...

Hello, my Romantics...

Lindsay Townsend said...

What a stunning blog, Savanna! Gorgeous picture and beautiful excerpt. (I love your whole Blue World series!)
I better shut up before I goo all over you.

Francesca Prescott said...

Well, I had a swoony blue chuckle, my dear! How do you do it?! Must be those swoony-whipped desserts you make...

xx cesca

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, a little goo never hurt, especially when it's a lovely shade of blue.

Francesca, definitely the swooney desserts... lol...

Lindsay Townsend said...

Savanna, are there any colours in your writing that you would perhaps avoid? Or that you are using in a different series?

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, interesting questions. Since I'm such a lover of color, I doubt there is a color I wouldn't use. Even black, which I guess, isn't technically a color. But long, long ago, I began a story that was in black and white, with shades of gray. Based on the idea of a Western, where the good guys wear white and bad guys wear black. Only life is never that simple. It's also in shades of gray. Actually, it was a movie concept, to be filmed like art. In a way that told the story as a balance of yin and yang.
Also, the red world you suggested once on a loop, I did write a brief concept of that story... fiery, passionate... or all shades of red passion... but, I truly don't know if I'll ever get to write it, as much as I'd love to explore that world by creating it.

Lindsay Townsend said...

All those aspects sound wonderful, Savanna.
I'm tempted to do a gold world - I love the colour of the sun and the spring flowers. To me it's a rich, vibrant, sensual colour.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, a gold world would be wonderful, especially as you've described it.
I've had a few wips that use golden coloring of candlelight, and the sun.
And I put down a fantasy story idea for a golden world of lion shifters and humans.

Do you know what word length you want for it yet?

Lindsay Townsend said...

I think it would be about 12k - short and sweet. You've got me thinking now, Savanna...

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, one reason I asked was because the idea occured to me, that if you were going for short story, an anthology of two golden world stories might be kinda cool.

However, I think you could write yours faster than I could write mine ~ if you were interested in a project like that.

What publisher would submit to for a sweet?