Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Get an e Reader

10. You'll be ahead of the curve. If you have an e-reader you will be one of those cool techno geeks that are on the cutting edge of technology and pop culture. Okay...using "cool" and "techno geek" in the same sentence is a bit of an oxymoron...but you know what I mean.

9. It's easy on the eyes. You know when you love a book SO much and are so hooked, you read it until you are bleary eyed? Well e readers have a great can easily and quickly adjust both the font size and adjustable back lighting. It makes for a very easy read for tired eyes that just can't stop reading their favorite story. Also, if you know anyone who's older and having trouble reading, this is a great solution due to the larger font options.

8. They aren't just for books. You can download pictures, music, documents and even newspapers. If you have a subscription to the NY Times, you don't need the paperboy to toss it in your bushes (which leads to the inevitable search in your bathrobe just as your hot neighbor comes outside) Nope, not simply plug your e reader into your laptop, go to and upload that days paper. Simple, quick, and no embarrassing front yard escapades in your bathrobe....unless of course that's what you're into.

7. It's cost effective. you lay out some money for the device keep all the books, newspapers etc. in the exact condition you purchased them in. They don't rip, fade or get lost under your bed. You'll get your money's worth out of every download.

6. You have more than one choice. Since this handy little gadget is catching on, the competition is heating up. There are several choices. My favorite is the Sony (hubby got me one for Xmas). You can go to this techno-geek link to get a full rundown of all the e readers out there and which one looks best for you and your budget.

5. It accessorizes beautifully. It has special "extras" just like any other great gadget. I personally like the black leather cover, which not only protects it but makes it look better. I don't know about you but I always look better in black.....very slimming.

4. Create Collections with the tap of the screen. One of the neatest features is the ability to quickly and easily organize all of your books into your favorite collections. I've got mine separated by genre. Romance, Paranormal Romance, Mystery and so forth. It takes just a few minutes to get everything in it's place. Think about doing that with the two hundred paperbacks at home....that's an all day project....and where the heck are you gonna put 'em once you've organized 'em. With the e reader, it's quick and efficient.

3. They are environmentally friendly. E books use no paper....therefore no trees are harmed in order to produce them. Also, what happens to all those books we've read when we're done with them? Eventually they either go to the garbage bin I know most of us donate them. Face it, eventually someone will throw it away OR they sit around collecting dust and taking up space. How many books do you have stored in a corner/closet/box somewhere?

2. It's an incredible space saver! I don't know about you, but I LOVE books! When I get one I really like, I can read it in a day. So at home I have stacks and stacks of books, which are taking up loads and loads of space. Now, with an e reader, I can load hundreds of books into this one, thin, lightweight e reader. How about vacation? When I go away I like to bring two or three books. That takes up a good deal of space in the carry on, not to mention adds weight. Not with an e reader. No more bulky books and news just one slim little e reader. It's only about a half an inch thick and weighs less than a pound.

The #1 Reason you should get an e reader........You can buy a copy of "The Amoveo Legacy" on the very first day it's released at

C' knew it was coming. LOL.

Happy reading whatever your pleasure.



Lindsay Townsend said...

Brilliant, Sara! Lots of good reasons here, especially the number one reason!
Best wishes, Lindsay

Linda Banche said...

What a great post. Makes us all want to run out and buy one.

lynneconnolly said...

I have an ebookwise, a different kind of e-reader, and I love it to bits. I need that backlight, so I can add one more reason to your ten - you can read in the dark (important to us insomniacs).

Bekki Lynn said...

Wow, Sara!

You sold me on number 9. I have so much trouble reading that I had to go out and buy a large maginfyer that fits the size of a paperback to read books in the tub.

And number 2 -- I love to have my books catagorized. You notice I didn't use that 'o' word -- looking around to be sure no one notices - organized is the be-all-of-naughty words around me. My motto is - leave my mess alone - otherwise I don't function. lol

Thanks for posting this blog. With Valentine's Day and Mother's Day coming -- great opportunities to throw out some hints. I know I am.


Elaine Cantrell said...

Sara, when I began my blog last year my first post was Five Reasons to buy ebooks. I wish I'd known about the ebook reader and all it can do, but I didn't know they could do anything besides let you read ebooks.

Sara Humphreys said...

I should make one clarificaton. I have the Sony E Reader and it can upload all kinds of things in addition to books. I'm not sure if every brand out there can do that, so you'll want to make sure before you buy a different brand. Love the Sony it's awesome!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Sara, you sold me. Now, all I need is the extra cashola.
If it also recorded your voice when you come up with that awesome idea for the story you're working on while driving, and you can't write it down...well, I might be forced to spring for a Sony...

Sara, do you have a cover for your pic for your release? If you do, add it to the post, please.

Bekki, that's true. The reader could be the perfect Valentine's Day gift, complete with romance novels uploaded.
Yep...leave my mess alone!'s the artistic chaos theory...however, it definitely works in my case.

Lee Silver said...

you wrote: #5 Black is slimming...(can I get two :)

Great blog, Sara. Keep us posted on the release date for the Amoveo Legacy!

Lee Silver
“Romance with a Twist”
THE TWIST, BookStrand #1 Bestseller

Unknown said...

I am almost in the market for an ebook. I have to save but you sold me on it :)