Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Climbing Back Into the Ring

I bet you all are wondering why the blog has been so silent of late, but for the scattered blog from Savanna, Stephanie, and Linda. They're all so busy with writing endeavors that I really appreciate the time they take to put something up. But like you all, there are times when there is so much which requires our time we have to pick and choose according to priority.

For me, though, I can't really use that excuse. I've had personal issues which I have concluded must take care of themselves, I'm tired of worrying about them. Of late, I've come to the conclusion that what I really need to do is jump back into the writing community with both feet.

So, I'm going to start off with a post here about what I have been doing. As you might recall, last year I put up a couple anthology titles at Smashwords. They've been doing very well, especially at Sony. Seriously, the first five months they were there, they sold more books than the three books I had with publishers. This year, I received the rights back on one of my published books. I gave it a new cover and lowered the price by a couple of dollars then put it up at Smashwords along with another anthology short story, with two more to come this year.

I'm finding the self-publish route suits me. Does this mean I'll never approach another publisher, who knows. Publishers and NY pubbed authors are using Smashwords for their ease, distribution channel, and higher royalty rates.

Recently, I ventured out and put all those same books up at Amazon. In a month's time, my sales there beat out the sales of my last publisher royalty statement which was for three months.

I never knew what a control freak I could be. lol But it is my business. I love having access to my sales numbers. It really does help in knowing how, where and when you send out your promotional posts.

All of the books are available at Smashwords, Sony, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and Kobo. Or will be at Kobo - they are making some changes to how they upload or something along those lines, so the last two books are waiting in their queue. Apple, well -- not sure what their issue is, but we keep sending the books back to them as they contain no objectionable material per their requirment for erotic reads. And Diesel - their site is unavailable at the time of this post. It happens.

Here are three of the books available, which fit the premise of this blog:

Annie and the Young Master - Banished from her home, Lillian Basford picked herself up and set out to start a new life. When Samuel Wadkins came along and gave her a real-life taste of what her dreams with him had teased her with, she became torn between her life as it was and what it’d now become. [historical]

Smashwords, Amazon, Sony, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble

Jewel of the Sun's Blood Destiny - Elan Takoda convinces Cassandra Jones that one night, living the vision they’d both had would rid them of the erotic realism of dreams. But does it? [erotic paranormal]

Smashwords, Amazon, Sony, and Barnes & Noble

Absentee Love Returns - Gail Green's world is turned upside down when an alleged mobster gives her an ultimatum; lose her newborn son or follow orders. The choice she chooses puts both of them in danger she had never believed possible. When they are kidnapped, she has no idea which of the Galletti’s enemies is behind it, if any. That is until Rico Galletti turns up with a wild story of working with a covert organization that works in conjunction with military field operations. Before she can comprehend the whole sordid story, he's shot. [mainstream]

Smashwords, Amazon, Sony, and Barnes & Noble

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Celia Yeary said...

Bekki--I am impressed. Of course, I follow your discussions on the HEA loop, and knew of your switch and success. I'd love to do something Indie, but I'm one of those who would get bogged down in the technical stuff. Still, I've learned so much in the last few years, maybe I could struggle through.
It's very tempting to try. I love the success stories, so good for you, and good luck! Celia

Savanna Kougar said...

Hey Bekki, echoing Celia. Your success is so impressive.

In my head, I keep going back and forth over Indie. Part of it, is simply a matter of time. Not enough of it.

What a wonderful surprise. I popped over to read Steph's post, and found you! ~smiles~

Bekki Lynn said...

I used to be like that Celia, but my kids have raised me to grasp the techie stuff and are willing to help me with anything I don't understand. They enjoy being taller than mom and knowing more than mom in this respect. lol

Once upon a time, various instructions at some sites was difficult to understand, but over the years, they've dumbed it down so real people can understand it. Mark Coker at Smashwords has made it easy from the get go.

I think the key is to take things one step at a time. And I also think since I've been the route of having to format for publishers and fictionwise that my work is already pretty set.

It's something to consider when your contracts begin to come due.

Bekki Lynn said...

Yeah, I snuck one in, didn't I, Savanna? :)

I wish I could share some of my extra time with you. I think the process will surprise you with it's ease and timeframe.

Linda Banche said...

Bekki, I'm glad you're doing so well. Keep it up. I'm always happy to hear about an indie author doing well. There IS a life outside of trad publishing!

Bekki Lynn said...

There really is, Linda. All the same issues as far as promotion and finding your niche is still there, but I feel a freedom I didn't before. Maybe it's my inner control freak. lol

Lindsay Townsend said...

Bekki - congratulations on your smashwords releases - espec the new one!