Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Palate Was Seduced

Last night, I had the most wonderful wine. Pinot Noir for me is the best wine on the market. However, like in all things, there are bad apples. I've found plenty of bad apples among the choosing, usually choices I've found in the stores such as Cavit Pinot Noir and Arbor Mist Pinot Noir.

In my last position, wine was a big part of our menu selection. We had to know them in order to suggest them. When I started there I really didn't care for wines - too heavy, dry and taste horrible. And definitely didn't find any fun in the drinking of them. I know many people disagree, but somewhere along the six years I was there, I found Pinot Noir to be to my liking. I also like a sweet wine called Moscato Asti.

Often these days when we go out and I'm not driving, I'll order a glass of Pinot Noir. Most are tollerable and I've never had to send one back. I did send a glass of wine back a couple of years ago, though. The server had brought me a glass of Merlot and insisted she did not. When she returned with another glass, I tasted it and my whole body sighed. Yes, there is a difference.

Mirassou Pinot Noir did something that no other has ever done. It caused me to order a second glass. Wow! When our server set the glass down, I sniffed it to make sure it was not a Merlot or some other red. It smelled right, so I tasted it. OMG! It had the most beautiful flavor. I all but guzzled the glass and was on my second before our entree came.

Something else happened, too. I felt giddy and quite buzzed. I feared if I'd had one more glass I would have been dancing on the table. That has never happened before, with wine. Wine typically gives me a headache and makes me lethargic.

I highly recommend Mirassou Pinot Noir - let it seduce you.

I often use Pinot Noir in my stories, but there are so many wines from all the over the world that we all should mix it up some. Wine is a common prop used by writers so why not make them fun for the reader.



Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, I've always been partial to wine. No, I don't like every wine. However, it is usually my preference.
Too bad for me I haven't had that much opportunity to sample all the wines I would like to. However, on occasion I've tasted the most splendid wines... it's like tasting a sunset, or tasting an essence that is beyond real... tasting ice that must have arrived from heaven...

I absolutely adore a good wine, though, I rarely drink. Actually, I wish I had occasion to drink more.

Bad champagne will give me a headache, but not wine or a quality champagne.

I'll have to remember your suggestion. And, I don't know how good it is, but a few days ago I was researching champagnes for one of my heroes, and discovered one I'd love to taste.

Here's the snippet:

“Love potion #9,” Zin muttered, as he and Zol often dubbed champagne. “Yes, a bottle of Mo√ęt et Chandon's Nectar Imperial Rose Champagne.”
Perfect for romancing their witch, it was warm pink in color with aromas of strawberry and raspberry. As soon as possible, he would order the sparkling wine, and others that would please her palate. As well, Zin planned to keep his kitchen stocked with the foods she relished most.

Celia Yeary said...

I do like wine, but couldn't tell you and anyone the names or their special qualities. We rarely order wine when eating out. Your post was interesting--now I know something else about you--you are a wine connoisseur. I'm impressed! Celia

Bekki Lynn said...

Oh, Savanna, your words are truly poetic. Ice from heaven is so how Moscato Asti is.

I've never had a rose champagne, it sounds wonderful. I'll have to see if it's available around here.

Bekki Lynn said...

Not really, Celia. I just learned what they told me to learn. My taste buds don't pick up on all the nuances. I only know what I like and don't like by taste. It's so much easier to sell what you like.

Unlike most of my co-workers, I don't lie to the customers. I give my personal opinion if they ask and they really appreciate the honesty.

I often sold Pinot Noir, because I came across a lot customers who refused wine, because it was heavy and dry. I'd give them a sample and they'd often order a glass. Some even asked for the name so they could find it at the liquor store. Same for the Moscato Asti.

My oldest son and his girlfriend -- on their first date, a year or so before they became a 'couple', fell in love with the Moscato. They bought a case and split it. While they aren't big wine drinkers, a while back she told me they had one bottle left. It went on the Christmas list for them. lol - I hope she doesn't read this.