Wednesday, July 28, 2010

LOVE, Stalker of the Heart - A Collection of Poems

Poetry is a great outlet for emotions you shouldn't keep pent up. In my line of work, I work with a lot of teens and college students. Can you say DRAMA?

Several years ago, I worked with a group of young ladies who could have been in line for the Drama Queen award. Oh, some of it was real, some for attention and some for the competitive edge - you know, my problem is worse than yours. All this made for some rocky evenings at work.

I've always been the one the kids came to for advice and help, The emotional toll at times was more than I wanted to carry around.

The situations that never failed to get to me are when the girl/guy likes a guy/girl and is afraid to doing anything about it. You may not know it to glance at them, but if you really look, you can see in their eyes that they have their own private drama going on.

So, one day, I was driving down the road, heading to work. This one poem came to me so quickly that when I arrived at work, I wrote it on a piece of scrap paper and stuck it in a visor. Over the next few months, it seemed like I was doing more poetry writing than story writing.

I realized one day when I ran into an old friend, that she used to be one of these 'wear your heart on the sleeve' girls. Every generation of teens have the same issues, same drama and there are always going to be that one or two who experiences unrequited love. Even my oldest son went through it. It's all timeless, so last year, I put 43 of these poems together in a book titled, LOVE, Stalker of the Heart. Others will come out, at some point, in a different collection.

Here are a couple of poems from this collection.


There you are
At the stop sign
Our eyes meet
I'm mesmerized by your smile
You wave; I wave
Moments pass, you turn

What's it going to take
To break the barrier
Are you really satisfied
Are these chance meetings
Always going to be all there is

What's it going to take
You have to feel it too
I can't be alone in wonder
Do I force the issue
And, chance losing what there is

What's it going to take



Why does it happen
I think of you often
Wherever I go there you are
I sleep and you're in my dreams

I don't understand why
Or what it's supposed to mean
Something has to give
Can't you help me make sense

My heart aches, it doesn't know
If it's supposed to turn away
Or, try to take what I can't have
What you don't want to give

I don't want to hurt you
Some how, a way must be found
To find a way we both can survive
Our souls were meant to be together

Sorting out right and wrong
Could cost us the magic
That could keep us suspended
Searching for what's right here

LOVE, Stalker of the Heart is available at Amazon.

Oh, and the young lady on the cover is from the collection of my fav phototographer - Lev Dolgachov



Lindsay Townsend said...

Beautiful poems, Bekki, fully expressive of longing.

Linda Swift said...

Bekki, I agree with you that poetry is a means of reducing stress. It's my therapy, too.
Thanks for sharing these poems with us. I wish you success with your book. Linda

Celia Yeary said...

BEKKI--how wonderful. I loved every word. I especially like the cover on your book. It speaks volumes all by itself. Thanks for sharing your poetry. Celia

Savanna Kougar said...

Bekki, Stalker of the Heart is the perfect title for your poetry.

Within the context of your experiences, your poems are beautifully expressive and reach into the heart.

And, yes, your cover is evocative and so very lovely.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Lindsay. Unrequited love can be so agonizing.

Bekki Lynn said...

Linda, it's great to have you stop by. Thanks for your kind words.

I'm looking forward to your post tomorrow.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Celia. I thought the young lady was perfect when I saw her, I'm glad you see what I saw.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Savanna.

I'm hoping one day someone will read the poems and go 'oh my gosh, I've felt that about so and so' Or maybe pass it along to their daughter or granddauther.