Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Secret Fantasy - Kitty Cahill

Hey -- guess who's here today? My friend, Kitty Cahill. She recently signed her first two contracts with Shadowfire Press. Congratulations and Welcome to Happily Ever After!

I asked Kitty to tell us a bit about herself, before she gives a fantasy excerpt of her ner release - SECRET FANTASY. Let's cheer her on, she's feeling a little scared and overwhelmed.


Kitty Cahill was born in a small out of the way town in Eastern Oklahoma. The sort of place if you blink you’re certain to miss it. It was here the very first romance novel she’d ever read found its way into her hands. It wasn’t long before she was writing one of her own. That story remains hidden in a secret unrevealed location. It would be five years before she’d meet the man who’d breathe life into her fictional heroes. One ordinary night while working the graveyard shift at the local Wal-mart, Mr. Right came through her lane. And eleven years later she still maintains their marriage is living proof you can find anything you want there. She is married to the man she considers to be not only her best friend, but her own personal romantic hero. Between PTA and school parties, she somehow manages to find time to write. This is when she allows her mind to wander into flights of fancy, where the hero is always darkly sensual. A day in the life includes managing a household of full of chaos that includes, a husband, four kids, two Shih-Tzu’s and, live in mother-in-law and tornado warnings.


Sara Donovan is a good girl. That is until the day her best friend gives her a gift card for thirty minutes with a phone sex operator. “Joel” unlocks forbidden desires in Sara, desires she’d kept hidden from the world, for fear of reprimand from her domineering preacher father. Once unlocked her desires to be dominated in the bedroom threaten to overwhelm her.

Bad boy Chris Masterson wants Sara Donovan for himself. But his reputation as a player keeps the one woman he truly desires from trusting him. When his usual tricks fail to entice the cautious beauty, he comes up with a plan.
To become her secret the flesh.


Chris shook his head. “Nope, too late. You just tossed down a gauntlet. I’m obligated by men everywhere to pick it up.”

“Listen to me. I’m not interested in the type of sex games you play with your flavor of the month. Okay? I want more than a one night stand and a promise to call.”

“Jealousy?” He tilted his head slightly and stared at her. “You know, I never would’ve thought
you’d have that emotion where I’m concerned.”

“I am not jealous,” she retorted lamely.

“You want to know what I think?”

“Not really,” she said through gritted teeth.

He pushed away from the car, invading her space. His mouth dropped to speak softly next to her ear, hovering close enough his hot breath fluttered over her neck. “I think you’re more than interested. More than just intrigued by it. You want –no- need it.

Sara pushed him back a pace. Of course, she knew he allowed her to do so. The man was as solid as a brick wall. “Let me repeat this so you get it. I am not some little…airhead you can push around. Got it? Not. Interested.”

“Why do you lie to yourself? You and I both know the truth. Why not just admit it? Then we can begin this.”

Sara scoffed. Yeah, sure begin it and end it in one sweet, hot, but most importantly brief night of conquest. “There’s nothing to begin. I’ll never be one of your little…what do you call them? Subs?”

“Sub? What the fuck?”

“What? Is that the wrong term? You’ll have to forgive me. I’m not well versed in the whole BDSM thing and—“ Her stomach clenched at the sight of his nostrils flaring, like a wild animal scenting the air. Everything about him screamed dominant male. Sara guessed that’s why it was so easy to believe he’d be a Dom.

“Don’t tell me that you actually believe all the bullshit people pass around this town?”

“What else am I supposed to believe Chris? You’re a womanizing Dom who struts around with every woman in town.” She crossed her arms and glared. “You prove the rumors true with the way you act.”

“I’m not a Dom,” he stated plainly, running his hand through his hair. “I’m just confident and like things to go my own way. And if that means I have to take charge to achieve that, I do.” His gaze didn’t waver for a second. Sara shivered under that concentrated stare.

“Whatever. The point remains that I don’t want anything to do with you or your wild life style. I won’t join in with you and your buddy. You will not have me tied to anything, with any part of yours or anyone else’s body inside any part of me. Is that clear enough? Never going to happen.”
Again, he leaned in close, and her senses were filled with the spicy, manly scent of him. “Never say never to a man who can make you scream with nothing more than the tip of his tongue.”
Before Sara could retort he brushed her lips with his, then strode away. Confidence riding every step of his long hard body. Against her will, her eyes dropped to the tight butt beneath his Old Navy carpenter pants. Why, oh, why couldn’t he have been ugly? That would’ve made telling him no a helluva lot easier.

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Kitty Cahhill


Bekki Lynn said...

Congratulations, Kitty!

Thanks for sharing with us.

I love Sara's fiestiness. I can't wait to read it.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Congratulations, Kitty!

Sizzling excerpt - I love the crackle and tension between them.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kitty, welcome! And congrats! Like Lindsay said, that is a hawt-tension excerpt.

Anonymous said...

WOW --my kind of read! Great excerpt, Kitty. It showed both h/h very clearly.

Wishing you GREAT Sales,

hugs, Kari Thomas,