Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Erotic Romance for the Ice Age

Brrrrr-ing shivers, everyone! There were record cold temps in Washington DC. and down South.
There’s lots of nasty coldness all over the world, right now, and I’m still in the deep freeze on the tame prairie.

No, please, no! No Ice Age!!!

So, yep, I did it. I appealed to the weather god via X-Rated Flash ~

The Ice God Cometh

Selesta stared at the snowy frigid landscape from her west-side window. “Too damn cold,” she muttered bleakly. Even though, she appreciated the glistening white beauty of the snow covering her bare-limb trees and the sloping pasture, she’d grown all too weary of dealing with the days of bitter temperatures. And, there was no relief in sight. Keeping her home comfortably warm, along with herself, had become a draining chore. Not to mention, her energy bill shot for the gray dreariness of the skies. Oh, yippee. Like she had money to burn.
“I’m just so damn tired of always feeling cold.”
Selesta let the blanket she’d put up as a makeshift barrier against the horrible cold, fall back against the window. Turning away, she hissed an angry defeated sigh. Her bed looked all too inviting. Since she had an electric blanket, it was the only place she felt warm enough, especially if she cuddled up to an electric pad, as well.
With so many homeless and hurting, these days, she felt guilty for not counting her blessings. Still, she’d endured for years. Against all the odds thrown at her. There was no improvement in sight. No way to make things better.
And, she was just damn effing worn out. Yawning, she let the bed win out. Besides, she’d been burning both ends of the candle for a decade or more, thinking that would work to make her life better. It hadn’t. All it had done was ruin her health and enslave her to debt.
Crawling beneath her blankets, she arranged them and let her head sink into the mound of old pillows. Most of them she’d had for a decade, at least. Maybe, two decades. Hey, so she hoarded pillows. “Yeah, that’s what I need,” she murmured, “a fucking pillow intervention.”
It didn’t take long for the warmth to loosen her muscles. Drowsiness crept over her. “I should talk to the weather god,” she whispered, amusing herself with her own sad desperation. “Yeah, I should head on up to wherever Mr. Weather God lives... demand he change the weather.” Selesta snuggled deeper, glad for a few moments of feeling good, feeling warm. “Demand he stop all this frigid crap.”
‘Hmmm... I wonder what a weather god would look like?’ She drifted deeper. ‘After all, I’m not asking for warm weather. I’m just asking for warmer cold weather. Ten degrees, or so.’
Freeing her imagination, Selesta envisioned herself as being beautiful, then saw herself floating upwards, and ascending to the clouds. Magically, they changed into a grand marble stairway and she walked inside her idea of a god’s palatial dwelling.
“Where are you?” she shouted. Her fury at being too cold all the time, seized her. “Where the hell are you? I want to talk to you, Weather God.”
She moved farther within the huge room, noting the enormous spiraling columns on both sides of her. “If I have to chase you through the entire universe, I will! I swear. I promise.”
Anger fired through her as she looked around. The place seemed to be empty, yet appeared more icy in nature now. Blue and gray shades shimmered inside the impressive translucent furniture. “I mean it!” she yelled. “I’m blazing with rage.”
Selesta slowly spun around, gazing at her surroundings. “I could make all this go drip, drip, I’m so incredibly angry.” There was a thunderous echoing harumph. Only Selesta couldn’t tell where the sound came from.
“Over here.” The voice, a low modulated roar, instructed. She followed the sound and wondered if she should feel like a lowly subject. But, she didn’t.
She didn’t care. Wasn’t this her fantasy? She could feel any way she wanted. Still, as she approached the indolently posed man atop an ice throne, he did look like a god in stature. She hesitated. That is, until her fury flared up. “Are you the Weather God?” she demanded.
“One of many. I am the god of your region.”
“Make it warmer. I want you to make it warmer by ten degrees.” Damn, if he wasn’t sexy in that huge, Hercules-muscled way. Only he looked like he’d been carved out of white marble. And, his skin had frosted over.
He eyed her from on high, though he didn’t seem unfriendly, just cold and mighty. “We gods require a gift,” he boomed off the walls. “What are you offering, little human woman?”
“I have a name.”
“So, do I.”
“What? The God of Ice and Snow?”
“Z’Quorr, since you ask.”
“Selesta.” She shrugged. Why not tell him?
Given Z’Quorr wore next to nothing, she couldn’t help but notice the sudden rise of his cock. Not an icicle, it matched the great size of his body and seemed to throb hotly.
“Selesta, why don’t you come sit on my lap?”
Swallowing the dry lump in her throat, she continued staring. “I, uhhh...”
“You heat me up, Selesta, and I’ll return the favor by heating up your portion of the world.”
The magnificent timbre of his voice seeped all the way to her core. “I don’t think I can... fit all of ‘that’ inside... me.”
“It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this level of heat. I want between your thighs. Come here, Selesta.”
“The Ice God cometh,” she breathlessly and inanely murmured.
“He will if you sit on his lap.” He paused, his gaze a command for her to obey him.
“Think of all those animals, the birds you’ll be warming up,” he continued persuasively.
Shivering, and thinking how ironic that was, Selesta moved toward him.
The moment she stepped onto the glimmering dais, his great hand wrapped around her upper arm. Suddenly, she sat astride his cock’s length. Her sex lips barely embraced the volcanic-hot pulsing.
“You are a tempting vessel.” With a touch he dissolved her clothing.
“You don’t look frosted anymore,” she whispered.
His sapphire blue eyes blazed inside her as he drew her forward. With a leisurely pace she found intoxicating, his cock forced her entrance open.

May your brightest, most romantic dreams come true...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~


Savanna Kougar said...

Hope you're keeping warm in the best of ways.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Delicious, Savanna! I love the whole idea, espec the bit about the ice man!


Hope you too are keeping warm. It's been snowing here - big fluffy flakes. Looks glorious. Warm out in it, too, if you wrap up. The thaw is going to be the bone-aching one. I'm relieved I don't need to travel and wish all those that do a safe journey.

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, I'm keeping warm enough. I wish everyone was.

Those big fluffy flakes are the loveliest. We've only had the smaller drifty whirling ones... good, though, since it covered the icy stuff.

Safe travels to everyone.

Serena Shay said...

Love this flash, Savanna!! I'm still working on seducing the Ice Man God over my area! ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, I'd like to read that 'defrosting' scene!