Monday, August 17, 2009

Backyards for Romance

Technically, the backyard isn’t a room, but I feel like ours is. It’s fenced in and during the summer when the trees and bushes are filled out, it’s like a wall along the back. Our neighbors seldom spend time out in their yards, so it’s as if we’re alone. We call it our little piece of the country in town.

I often stand at the patio door and simply stare at the scene. It speaks romance. I can see a couple dancing on the patio, cuddled on a bench near the fire, or holding hands as they walk around the yard, stopping to smell the Lilac bushes or the admire the Rose of Sharon.

I’ve never written such a scene in one of my stories as yet. I did, however, write a scene with Cole and Lana of Last Glass of Wine, playing horseshoes in the backyard of a co-worker during a party. It’s definitely not your typical romantic scene, but the night was a turning point for them.



She stepped up and swung her arm back and let the shoe go on her forward motion. It went wide, again.

Cole waved his arms in the air. "Holditholdit!" His words slurred together.

He staggered over and stood behind the pole in the sand. When he bent over, he nearly fell to one side, but her partner caught him. Damn! Could he be any sexier than he was right now with that goofy grin? She set her empty hand on her hip and laughed.

"Lana, the shoe…goes here," he instructed.

"Where does it go?" She held up the shoe and framed his face in it, then swung her arm back.

"No, wait'll…" Cole dove out of the sand pit as she let the shoe go. It landed next to him. Laughter filtered across the yard.

"Kind of hard to tell which gray pole she's supposed to aim at," someone said.

"Yeah, you shouldn't wear gray shorts," Lana told him.

"Ok." Cole grabbed the waistband and started to push them down.

Janet jumped up. "Cole, don't do it!"

He shrugged, picked up the shoe and started across the yard. Lana shoved her thumbs in the back pockets of her jeans. "I told you, I don't play."

Cole put his arm around her waist and, with his mouth almost touching hers, told her, "I'm showin' you how to play."

"Don't promise what you can't back up." She tried to step back, but he held her there.

"Sweetheart, when I finish with you, no one'll match us." He moved around her and put a horseshoe in her hand, his fingers covering hers. With his face next to hers, she could smell the vodka and cranberry mixture; it drew her eyes to his mouth. She wanted to taste it on his lips. It had to be better than over ice. She felt herself closing in to find out.

"It's all in the wrist," he told her.

"All in the wrist," she repeated. She could feel his body pressed into her backside when he drew her arm back.

"Keep your arm close to your side, and don't wait until your arm rises above your waist to let it go."

"You're going to give a tent show when you move away."

"You'll have to take care of it, since it's your fault," he replied.

Her mouth went dry, and her crotch became wetter. "If you're willing to reciprocate."

"Give it a try and see how close you come."

Hell, if he continued to rub his cock against her, she was going to come. She shivered and watched him step away from her, face the forest and attempt to hide his erection. Lana quickly inhaled and let the air out before she concentrated on the fuzzy site of the far pit. The pole stood somewhere in the center. She let the shoe fly and heard the clang of metal hitting metal.

"All right, a ringer!" Jerome cheered.

Cole staggered over to her with a raised hand. She smacked it and walked over to where her glass sat. Hot, she fanned herself, eyeing the strong muscled calves as he returned to his side. If she shoved him against the tree and rode him, they'd hold them.

After a long drink, she set the empty glass down, took a deep breath and watched Jerome and Cole toss the shoes back to her pit.

"Want another drink, Lana?" Taylor asked.

"No. I'm good. Thanks." And I'm going to get better in a little bit, from all signs of things. She picked up her horseshoes and waited for Taylor to toss his.

When the game ended with Cole and Taylor winning and Cole doing his little winner jig, she walked over to the pool. She wanted nothing but a cold shower, but the cool water would do. Splashing water on her arms, she found herself being lifted and landed in the water.


There are characters, as well as real people, who are beyond the simple basic romance, not that they might not believe it in, or want it. It’s just not what life has in store for them right off the bat, but may come later. Whether it be the strength of the chemistry between them coupled with the emotional desire for each other or simply who they are as people. Who are we to judge? If it works for them and if they’re happy, it’s all good.

A toast to the freedom to be different.

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Sizzling romance, Bekki! The chemisty between them is electric.

Your yard looks a super ROOM for romance - and the scents sound wonderful. (I love a scented garden or room.)

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Wonderful scene! I like outdoor rooms, too, Bekki, and just gazing from the back door into the yard or garden is also one of my fave pastimes. You've proved that it can be just as much a 'room' as one with walls. Lovely!

Jane x

Linda Banche said...

Bekki, you have a beautiful back yard. Such a place would be great for romance.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Lindsay --

The larger Rose of Sharon is in full bloom - so beautiful.

Hi Jane --

It's our escape from the world. Sometimes I wish I could put a bubble around it and keep it temp controlled.

Thanks, Linda --

We lost most of our plant life in a drought a few years ago, so it's nice to see it all green in August.

Savanna Kougar said...

Definitely a toast to the freedom to be different!
Sizzling sexy scene. I love how you write contemporary stories of real passion and love.
Oh, and the back yard would make a great ROOM.


That was hot. I have a patio with a sectional sofa that I sit on and read. No romance.


Bekki Lynn said...

Savanna, you're so sweet. Thank you.

Power to the different.

Bekki Lynn said...

Thanks, Loretta,

The sofa sounds comfy.

Thanks for coming by.

Cheryl said...

WHEW!!! I need a cold shower now, too!!! That was really hot. Thank GOD for privacy fences! When I grew up, it was all chain link--no "backyard activity" in those days. LOL Very good scene and post, Bekki!