Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happily... Romance is in the air...

Romance and mushy stuff is in the and pink and white, glittery and lacy and beautiful...I have come to believe this frilly fun is an upliftment of the human heart. Indeed. and softly sighing here, a true celebration of Valentine’s Day is a reminder to our hearts. Yes, romance and love is always in the air...waiting for us, ever available to us...the tender and caring part of our natures.
That’s where us writers of romance novels come into the scene...being extra sensitive to the magical pinkie and red sparkly stuff floating down from the rarified realm of Cupid, and of Venus, or as she’s also known, Aphrodite ~ yes, the sprinkling of love dust secretly inspires our most romantic love scenes *shhhh, don’t tell anyone* ~ also, another little secret straight from Cupid’s bow-shaped mouth, the red sequin-like dust inspires the passionate sexy side of all of us, writer or reader...or red-blooded human.
For now, we won’t get into the subject of dear Cupid's tiny love arrows. However, the color, red...well, read on.
Recently Lexie O’Neill blogged at Title Magic on how red is the color of desire for men, in wearing that curve-enhancing slinky scarlet gown with no back, or wearing that hot little red dress...or is that, a hot little red number? Most women know about tempting men with red instinctively, if not intellectually. Certainly, I have dressed my heroines in red often. In one of my WIP’s ~ the Secret Lives of Fortunate Wolves, the hero adores the heroine in red velvet, and has all sorts of glamor clothing created for her, just for his ‘big bad wolfie’ pleasure.
Yes, I am partial to red, most every shade of red, from a deep ruby blue-red to a flaming, nearly orange red, so naturally the color shows up often in my writing.
In the magickal tradition ~ red is the color of desire.
And since romance is in the air...valentine red, that is... I was inspired to begin this *I don’t know what it is* ... a new WIP, or one of my Serial Flashes... I’m just not sure what, yet. But, take a look...let me know what you think... definitely the spirit of Valentine’s Day is possessing me... or, could it be? Cupid!...where are you?

Romance’s Red Ribbon ~

Light my loin’s fire,
Red is the color of my desire.
Let’s wing our love higher.
Come, take my breast, my Sire.
To ignite my most savage fire,
Taste my nipples to your desire,
Stoke my passions, take me swiftly higher...
Make them red as berries, my Princely Sire....
O, yes, I beg, tease my nether petals to a fierce needy fire
For you, bring me beneath your throbbing blade, soar us both to red’s most blistering desire...

Kyzaira sighed to the depths of her heart, and felt it flutter within her breast. She’d only meant to pen a few lines of fanciful thought. Yet, there it was, her heart and her desire spilled from her red ink pen onto parchment. Disbelievingly, she stared for a moment. How? When had she become so carried away? Some fair time ago, she had settled at her desk for the purpose of sending a message of polite regard, to be handed to the regional Prince, upon his annual arrival to their realm, as was her social duty. Instead, her folly of feeling, her romantic daydreams had won out, upon thinking of the Prince’s bold visage, often compared to the hunting ferocity of a falcon.

May your most romantic dreams come true...

Romance is in the air *kiss* from the Kougar...


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ ~


Francesca Prescott said...

Ooh,Savanna! That is gorgeous! I'm jealous of your swoony words, my dear. I need some lessons in swoony wordsmithing! You are just too fabulous; an ethereal, twirling, kaleidoscopic dervish. I love it!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Excellent, Savanna! A hymn to love and to the magic power of red, colour of life and love.

Savanna Kougar said...

Francesca, an abundance of thanks. May I use that description on my Kougar Kisses bloggie?

Lindsay, I have to use your words for my Red World.

Sarashifter said...

Rich and fabulous. Love it! Made me want to go buy something red a lush to wear for valentines day.

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Sarashifter, I say go, live it up in red.

Francesca Prescott said...

Savanna, of course you can. I'm honoured!

Martha said...

Beautiful picture, nice post and beautiful poem. Are the pic and words from a book?? I'd sure want to check it out!

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Martha...the pic is a painting by one of the romance artists I adore. Sadly, I've temporarily forgotten his name.
Names, I often forget, faces I do not. One of those kind of brains.

The words are mine, in that I wrote them as a beginning for a story WIP or as the start of a serial flash fiction piece.

Thank you, for asking. I'd love to write this story and have a cover this incredibly romantic.

Savanna Kougar said...

Francesca, a big smooch of thanks!

MarthaE said...

Thanks for answering and I hope you write that book someday...soon!
Meanwhile I have to checkout your other books. This post has my correct e-mail... I was working when I sent the other and forgot it would send follow-ups there!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi, Savanna and Martha, the pic is by a pre-Raphaelite artist called Sir Frank Dicksee.
(It's La Belle Dame Sans Merci, beguiling another knight.It's a gorgous painting and I love her hair!)

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hey, Savanna, I hope you soon write your story - from the moments you've shared here it will be fantastic!

Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, I thought you'd know! I had the title of the painting ~ but not the artist ~ shame on me!
However, I absolutely adore these kinds of paintings.

I would love to write Romance's Red Ribbon ~ so much on my plate, right now.
I do have a mostly written mss similar in romantic style, titled ~ Sisters of the Kaliedoscopic Butterfly ~ have to change that title.
The publisher I tried for the mss wasn't too impressed, and asked if unicorns where other colors than white, since I had different colors of unicorns.